Hi. I'm Autumn,
An award winning, published, Destination photographer.

Many think of me as a Photographer, but I think of myself as an Artist.
Photographers can be taught. Artists are just born.

I'm equally as passionate about Fashion & Art as I am about Nature & Adventure.

and I'm the face behind AJBC photography.
Let's get to know each other.


It's not photography that I'm obsessed with-
It's light, emotion, body movement,

and allowing you to be exactly who you are
so I can show you just how amazing that really is.

It's your raw story that I never tire of,

and that moment when you cry after seeing your portraits for the first time.

Together, we will create the best portrait you've ever seen of yourself.
That's a promise.



I'll show you how to indulge yourself in beauty, naturally.
Natural. Beauty.
It's what we do.

I invite you to my posh studio located on 20 wooded acres where we meet and also shoot.
I also love incorporating nature and taking you to new places, so we shoot on location often.

Working with a combination of natural and studio lighting allows me to achieve a look
that is both stunning and flawless on you.
I have an all female team to help you behind the scenes and to assist us on sets.

Are you wondering what the letters A J B C mean!?

Before I was a photographer I was a painter. I would sign my work with my initials- A.J.B. When I transitioned to photography it only felt right to keep my "artist" name, but at that point I was married. I felt wrong about replacing the "B" so I simply just added the "C" and for the last 10 years, AJBC has been my photography identity.