5 Hair Tips you need to add to your beauty routine


5 Hair Tips you need to add to your beauty routine

5 Hair Tips to keep you flawless

 Us women, we all have our daily routine. We find products that work for us and stick to what we know! But when it comes to hair care tips and health, there are plenty of pointers that you may not be aware of! I know you will love these fun, easy, some even transformation, hair tips!! 

Texture Powder!

To all my ladies out there with the flat volume-less hair, this stuff has changed the game for me! Instead of damaging my hair ratting for volume I just dust some texture powder on my roots and let it do the rest of the work! VOLUME ALL DAY LONG! No more flat to my head, lifeless hair. It even replaced hairspray for me. Instead of spraying my hair after curling I just sprinkle some texture powder on the curls and the curls last all day. I use texture powder for every style- straighten, curls, even up-dos, Texture Powder thickens the hair allowing you to style and walk away, but without the sticky, nasty feeling of pastes or spray. Worth every penny! 

My Favorite Texture Powder is SEXY!


If you are on a budget this brand works just as well!


beauty blog.jpeg

Heat Protectant

Our Hair is like our main beauty accessory, so between the color dyes, ratting, curling wands, and flat irons our hair takes a beating… but that's why there are products like heat protectant sprays to help minimize the damage. It is important to make this product your new BFF!  Protectant spray adds moisture to your hair and work by forming a protective layer on top of the hair, preventing it from being exposed to extreme heat, pretty much like sunscreen on your skin.. this product is just as important!

Here if one of my favorite products!



Need more tips like this? We got you covered!

Flat Iron everything

My go to hair style is the beachy curls! When in doubt curl it out! I have purchased so many different curling irons, wands, but none of them give me a curl as good as my FLAT IRON! Yes Ladies my flat iron is my curling angel. Save some green, and get all hairstyles from one device. Check out our blog on all the uses for your flat iron! It’ll blow your mind!

Blonde Shampoo Masque

Have well Water that washes away your gorgeous platinum blonde hair? Purple Shampoos drying out you hair too much? Well I have found every blonde's soul mate! It is a Blonde Shampoo Masque called The Perfect Blond made by Privana! It Replenish and revives dry, damaged strands while toning blonde, silver or highlighted hair! I have been blonde a few years now and it took dozens of products to go thru to find my glass slipper. I have hard well water, and I'm someone who needs to wash my hair everyday so my blonde turns into a terrible rust color! Purple shampoos worked somewhat but dried my hair out to the point it was just falling out. Privana made this masque that not only pulls my platinum back thru but moisturizes it as well. It worked out my silver grey hair color, my purple pink hair color, and my natural dark root to ombre look. If you have dark in your hair, no worries, it doesn't pull color, it just deposits, so whatever blonde, silver color you have in your hair its going to take it, brighten it, and make it feel fresh out of the salon!

Here is a link for the glorious product!



Stubborn Flat Hair?

Do any of you ladies out there have stubborn, straight hair that doesn’t want to hold a curl? I feel you! But I've learned some tricks to make it work. One of the main reasons is how conditioned your hair is. When you wash your hair everyday it locks in a lot of moisture which makes it hard to hold a curl. So skip a day... and throw some dry shampoo in there. I don’t like saying the dirtier the better, but it's true. Your hair grips better that way. Also- less is more! It may be time consuming but achieving this look is worth it- You want to section SMALL parts of hair and curl those, rather than bigger sections. The smaller the bouncer, and the smaller the better it will hold. Let's also go back up to texture powder- it really locks in the style of your hair while adding volume. There are also so many products that help enhance those stubborn curls. Some curls need a little encouragement and nothing defines, maintains and moisturizes curls like AG Hair's Curl!

Here is the link to your new best friend!



I hope you found these tips helpful! Try something new and stay beautiful! 


2018 Easy Summer Hair Styles


2018 Easy Summer Hair Styles

7 hot looks you have to try this summer!

Summer is on its way, which means warm sun blessing our skin, lazy beach days, your besties, favorite drinks, oh and of course looking fricken hot... like the weather... see what I did there... wink face. So I wanted to share with you my favorite EASY summer hair styles!

Hallelujah for warm weather, but hot temps bring sweaty necks, so let's talk UP-DOS first!

High Ponies.

Sounds pretty basic, but whats trending right now is dressing the pony up with a braid. But a braid that has a sparkly hair ribbon intertwined, so it looks like you got your hair professionally done for Coachella but in reality it only took 10 minutes. 

The Knot!

Get this runway look by pulling your hair into a slick high-pony. Tease out your tail from top to bottom, then swirl it into a ballerina bun. Run some oil over your look so your hair sparkles like diamonds and you're ready for a day at the beach or a night out in a chic dress! Take the same approach but don't be afraid to mess it up a bit for a slightly more casual look.


...are back. Yes. I Said it. Our favorite childhood look is hot AGAIN! Not so much Britney Spears pigtails but more so boho like, making them into two messy buns, or braiding each one and wrapping into a knot. For a more sleek pigtail look they call it The Baby Buns look. Just pull up your hair into two high pigtails, then twist each pony into a tight bun. Top with hairspray and shine spray, and for your own unique look add on some jewels or sparkles to each bun! 

Half Ponies

They have been in all year, and they better not be going any where because that is my go to look! You can literally be looking fly in under 2 minutes! My favorite part of the half pony is that you can dress it down or as UP as you want. Its a easy on the go look but can also be looking red carpet ready! Half pony can be rocked with the more retro look straight pony straight hair, or take that half pony and make it into a messy bun. Keep hair out, straight, messy, or curly you can rock it however- this is your world baby girl!


love & beauty photographer photographer.jpg

Braids, braids! I love braids, French, dutch, mermaid! Whichever wherever, braids always slay. You can be in your bikini or on you’re way to the Oscars and braids can be pulled off! But if you're like me, my hands are not so talented when It comes to braiding hair, so tutorials are crazy helpful!

If you can't take it and give up on these looks- effortless hair styles below are just as satisfying!

Beach Waves

Is there any look that says summer more than beachy waves? Nope! In this blog --> I give you all the uses for your flat irons and beach waves is one of them! If that's too much work for you on your way the beach, just throw some dry shampoo or salt water spray in your hair, shape those beach waves, and leave the house!

The Wet Look

The wet hair look is still in and it's not going anywhere this summer. A small portion of gel will do the trick, and if that's too much of a grease look for you, scrunch with some mouse, or my favorite- sea salt spray, and that will add the perfect texture for your wet hair look! 

All of these looks are so easily achievable and work for all hair types. Perfecting all these summer looks can be done in less that 15 minutes, which just sounds like more time in the sun! You're welcome girls!

Want more Hair tips!?


4 new ways you should be using your hair straightener


4 new ways you should be using your hair straightener

Flat Iron Tips and Tricks for any length hair

I don’t know if it’s only me, but I just hopped on the ‘flat iron does all’ train!
 Everyone knows that flat irons make your hair super straight & sleek… but they so much more!!


Ive recently learned the best curls ever are from my flat iron, not my EXPENSIVE curling wands and barrels. I can curl my whole head in under 10 minutes with my flat iron... Yes, 10 minutes, It’s especially beneficial for ladies with hair that's shoulder length and shorter since most curling barrels and wands can be to big and more tricky to work with. I’ve burned myself more than I haven’t! Section off your hair, make a quick twist with the iron, pull down your hair and you beautiful lose curls.
Here's an awesome video thanks to Milabu, especially for us short hair girls!


If you are looking for that easy beach wave look.. FLAT IRON! I use a quick up down movement while working down my hair, which creates an effortless wave! Now if you were to wait an extra second in between this up / down movement it creates more of that crimp look! So depending on how long you hold that down or up position in between,  you can control how minimal the wave is to how sharp the crimp is.


VOLUME VOLUME!!! So much volume! So obvi the flat iron is meant for straightening, but if you need some assistance with reviving your flat, fine hair, look no further!! I have super flat lifeless hair so when I straighten it, it's just stuck to my scalp... so instead of ratting my hair, I just pin up my top layer of hair then use that minimal wave technique (starting from the roots) on the underneath sections so it makes the top look more voluminous! So you can still achieve that sleek straightened hair, but with some more UMPH!
You’re welcome!


Hair chalking is a great option for extreme hair colors for those who are either are nervous to dye their hair those unicorn tones, or want to dodge dye damage! The only negative thing is that the chalk gets everywhere and will rub off on your clothes/hands, and fades quick! But our lovely flat iron can avoid all that mess! Once you apply the color chalk go over it with your flat iron for a lasting seal that’ll keep the color longer and you’re messes smaller! Not all heroes wear capes!

Here's an awesome video thanks to Milabu on 10 ways to style your hair using a flat iron! Now go rock some new looks!

For other styles you need to know about for this summer check out this blog:


Hair Health Care Tips you shouldn't ignore!


Hair Health Care Tips you shouldn't ignore!

Keep your hair & scalp hydrated

Make sure to condition your hair on a weekly basis using the right conditioners! You want your conditioner to have glycerin or humectants. Humectants keep the moisture on lock!!  Most hair products (masks) with Argan Oil or Coconut Oil can also really hydrate your hair and scalp! This will keep your hair healthy, happy, and growing!

Decrease Hair Dryer Use

Seriously ladies, our hair dryers are not nice! Put the tools down!! They are so damaging! The days you have off, or a day where it's s 80 and sunny, air dry that beautiful scalp of yours! It will not only save your hair but it will save so much time! Plus that natural look is so in right now! For the days you must use a hair dryer use a fast drying sculpting spray! That spray will cut your dry time in half! Yay less time damaging your ends!

michigan beauty photographer.jpg


I know you thought we were talking about products, but what we put in our bodies is just as important, if not more, than what we put on our bodies when we're talking about beauty secrets! Biotin is a vitamin that promotes healthy hair and nail growth so you're getting a 2 for 1 and it comes in a super easy capsule you can take once a day. And while you're at it, don't forget about eating healthy and drinking plenty of water. Signs of an unhealthy body can show up in hair thinning, flat looking skin, acne, and more- so treat yourself to great meals!

Stop Washing your hair everyday!

Some of you blessed ladies out there know you don’t have to wash your hair every day, but those who have oily hair feel like they need to. Well, news slash, you don’t NEED to you just think you do, and so does your hair. From washing your hair everyday your hair has become used to it, your hair expects and knows it's going to be washed everyday which is why it produces those oils, to replenish what you just stripped away with washing it. Once you stop and make it thru that greasy week... your hair then knows it can cut back on producing those oils. Once you stop washing so much you will see some changes for sure- less dry hair, healthy and shinny, and your color will lasts way longer!

Got it!? Ok! Good! Because now let's talk about some of the cutest summer hair styles we've ever seen!