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Top Michigan Winter Photo Shoots


Top Michigan Winter Photo Shoots

Winter is here! Get inspired for your own session!

Engagement, Family, Senior, Beauty photoshoot in the snow!

We love the look of cozy engagement photos shot in the colder months of the year. So grab a cup of hot cocoa and get inspiration for your own cozy engagement photos!

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There’s something so magical and captivating about playing among the snowflakes! Don't let the cold stop you! Get out your cute scarfs and boots and don't miss out on this fun, unique experience!

Check out the rest of Aubrey's Whimsical Senior Session!


Have the best of both worlds with family fun in the snow to warming up in the cutest coffee shops with the ones you love!

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It doesn't need to be a bright and warm day to capture beauty! Winter may have this dark and gloomy persona but some of the most gorgeous shots have been taken playing in the fresh snowfall, dancing in the white out fields, and climbing washed up ice mountains! 

Get inspired by Taylor's Dark Beauty Shoot on Lake Huron!

Check out my Self Portrait in the white woods of Grayling!

Just Imagine white snow blanketing the town, flocking the trees, and floating down. How could you not be inspired for a whimsical winter beauty shoot!

creative winter shoots michigan beauty photographer lake huron port huron michigan .jpg


Anchor Bay Senior Photographer- Photo Shoot

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Anchor Bay Senior Photographer- Photo Shoot

BoHo Michigan Senior Photoshoot

Outdoor, Natural Beauty Shoot

chic senior style michigan beauty photographer.jpg

   Anchor Bay High School is a long ways from our little town of Burtchvillr, but Jessica still made the drive to get photographed by us at AJBC Photography! Thank goodness because I would be jealous of any other photographer that got to capture those mysterious eyes! You’ll see what I mean when you scroll down.
   When Jessica was planning her Senior Photoshoot with us in the studio she just kept saying the word “golden.” She wanted her Senior Portraits to be warm, full of sunshine. Who doesn’t love that look? So we scheduled the 4 outfit photoshoot for later in the day, when we would catch that golden hour.
   We started by showing off her creative side and all of her talents. Not only did she come with her own make up done (totally flawless) she also draws, does photography (she even booked a few of her own Senior Shoots this year) and is musically gifted. Seriously... share some of those talents!
   Next... to the bean field! And a ditch... Yes, you read both of those right. Magic, I know. This field was just a visual replica of the yellow brick road. We actually referred to it as the yellow bean road. It’s so refreshing having open minded people like Jessica and her mom create with us! They totally embraced this look and the adventure that goes with it... barefoot, in a dress, on the dirt backroads, in front of a farmer’s bean field, or crawling 3 feet down into a muddy ditch because you know that color and her blonde hair and her perfect fair skin is just going to harmonize beautifully together. God, I love the beauty in the unexpected!
   Next we snuck in to the back of an apple orchard, parking behind trees off the side of a dusty road, to hide from the crowds and do our own things. The sun just wrapped around Jessica as she sat soaking up the rays. We fanned out her hair for some shots and then... those eyes. Seriously unbelievable! It’s moments like these us photographers have to peel ourselves away from the camera and admit there’s more to do, but you really don’t want to- you just want to keep photographing!!
   Lastly we drove to the shores of Lake Huron in Lexington to watch the sun sink behind the trees and reflect off the calm water. Jessica gracefully balanced on big rocks, danced in the sand, and went from this sweet young girl to this fashion model all within this one photoshoot.

Her sweet smile when she laughed reminded you she was still just a young girl in school. Those eyes and that mature attitude reminded you she wasn’t far away from being an adult either. And that’s what these Senior Experiences are all about.
   Capture the beauty of both worlds in a magical way while they're still here.   

senior beauty boho fashion outdoor senior photoshoot michigan photographer.jpg
michigan senior portrait photographer.jpg
best senior portrait photographer port huron michigan senior shoot at apple orchard.jpg
natural beauty senior photoshoot senior beauty on the beach michigan portrait photographer.jpg
artist portrait photographer natural beauty senior pictures on the lake.jpg
lexington michigan photographer senior portraits on lake huron nautral beauty.jpg
boho senior style on the water lake huron lexington michigan photographer.jpg
anchor bay high school michigan senior portraits best michigan photographer.jpg
anchor bay high school senior photographer.jpg
senior photos in a field port huron michigan portrait photographer senior beauty senior fashion.jpg
backroad beauty boho senior style port huron michigan senior photographer.jpg
senior photos in a field michigan portrait photographer.jpg
michigan artist portraits outdoor senior beauty.jpg
michigan senior girl photographer boho natural woods.jpg
senior portraits with flute outdoor senior portraits boho fashion.jpg
port huron michigan outdoor boho senior photography.jpg
port huron michigan senior photographer.jpg
senior beauty michigan boho fashion photoshoot.jpg
chic outdoor senior photoshoot best michigan photography beauty senior fashion.jpg
best detroit michigan portrait photographer.jpg
high school senior girl photoshoot anchor bay high school .jpg

Watch the video below to see just how effortlessly beautiful, bold, and fun an AJBC Photography Session can be!

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My Animal Instincts.

Empowerment Project. Self expression

port huron michigan fall photoshoot.jpg

The serpent came up and whispered softly in my ear,
"Have you heard? They're out to control you, my dear."

woman empowerment michigan photographer.jpg
port huron michigan portrait photographer.jpg
detroit michigan self portrait photographer.jpg
michigan grunge photoshoot .jpg

No fruit sweet enough to make me give in,
So right then and there I created my own sin.
And they looked down and shuttered at the thought.
"This freedom, these animals! What will we do with this lot?"

port huron michigan outdoor photographer.jpg
port huron michigan self empowering photoshoot.jpg
best detroit michigan photographer.jpg
best port huron michigan grunge photographer.jpg

Burn us, cage us, hell, even fucking hope rape us.
Bruises, cuts, thorns, lashes.
We don't need your hope when we have our passions.

tribal style grunge michigan photoshoot.jpg
best port huron michigan portrait photographer.jpg

They threw me off the boat, told me it was time to swim.
Oh, but what you don't know, is I know how to control the wind.
I can block out the storm or create my own.
Flood this land, but my heart is my home.

edgy girl power photoshoot best michigan portrait photographer.jpg
grunge tribal style michigan photoshoot.jpg
detroit michigan dark beauty photographer.jpg
port huron michigan grunge beauty photographer.jpg

I feel my heart race under my breast, under it's cage.
I feel my teeth grind over where my tongue has been laid.
Kick my bare feet, grip with my hands
That urge to become your human I'll never understand.


self empowerment photoshoot grunge beauty sexy langerie.jpg
grunge self portrait woman empowerment.jpg

I am a warrior, I am a wild animal.
I was born naked, I was born to fight battles.

self portrait photographer.jpg
dark beauty photographer michigan boudoir photography.jpg

Paint my body black with the soot of your damned.
I see you meant now they were the ones who could stand
on their own two feet,
up for what they believe.
The damned were those who were not shaped ever so easily.

street lingerie fashion michigan photoshoot.jpg

But me, I wear this snake as a necklace.
Me, I'm not afraid to eat your sinful fruit for breakfast.

tribal style photoshoot dark beauty boudoir photoshoot.jpg
dark beauty self portrait self empowerment.jpg

I apply my war paint with just one finger.
I ask you watch it carefully, as it's a signal

I don't fear your opinion of me.  
Now call in your troops, I think you're going to need a bigger army.

port huron michigan dark beauty photographer.jpg

I use Photography as a way to express myself and work through inner struggles. It's a way for me to process and let go of situations and emotions. I also hope they inspire others to let go and tell their own story in a powerful and artistic way.
To see other collections check out my full Self Portrait Gallery!


A Gift of Memories through a Photoshoot


A Gift of Memories through a Photoshoot

They are not just another cancer story

In the home Lifestyle Photography -
Black and White Collection

detroit family photographer.jpg

   I walked into John and Wendy's home to find 2 sweet kids playing on a huge sectional couch. Wendy had their home spotless and decorated with things that don't scream "department store" but "this is who my family is."

   My local hospital had gotten us in touch... I have a kind lady on the inside that will pass my info onto cancer patients who she feels as though could use a photoshoot as a way to express themselves, or preserve a moment and then we gift them with that- the shoot, the images, all of it. John was the second gentleman this year she's gotten me in contact with who had terminal cancer.

   His wife Wendy was willing to sneak away from home for an hour of so for a good cup of coffee and to tell me about who they are as a family and how she imagined them being captured for one of the last times. Wendy used to work at The Time Herald so she's no stranger to photography. I was instantly excited for her to have a chance to be in front of the camera with her family. And her requests were simple- capture us doing every day things we love to do together. The tradition that was top on her list was getting John tucking the kids into bed, like he always does- immortalizing those moments that are pure and so simple.

   The day of I took a back seat as this family of 4 bonded over board games, baking cookies, or simply cuddling on the couch together.

   We ended the shoot with John tucking the kids into bed. At this moment, with the camera protecting me, creating a barrier between real life and photography, it sunk in that someday soon these kids wouldn't have their Dad there and I had to remind myself- this isn't your time to break down, Autumn. You are here to do a job for this family, you have a gift you want to give them and you need to make yourself numb right now, and so I did.  

   I watched as Wendy had this carefree way of making this serious man in front of the camera laugh so easily and lower his guard as they talked about their first date. I saw how much he enjoyed talking dolls with his daughter and listening to his son read. Surrounding them were picture books of their own photographs showing family vacations and fun times. That home was filled with air clouded with love.

   Less than two weeks later John unexpectedly passed away, but his memory surely lives on, strongly, as the husband who supported his wife in her dreams, and the Dad who smelled stinky toes and flexed his Superman muscles.   


terminal cancer photoshoot.jpg
cancer story photographer.jpg
michigan family photographer.jpg
black and white photoshoot family photographer.jpg
best detroit michigan lifestyle photographer.jpg
best port huron michigan photographer.jpg
karmonos cancer institute family photoshoot.jpg
detroit lifestyle photographer terminal cancer photoshoot.jpg
port huron michigan lifestyle family photographer.jpg
terminal cancer story lifestyle photoshoot.jpg
port huron michigan lifestyle photographer.jpg
port huron michigan documentary photography .jpg
family photos making cookies.jpg
terminal cancer photoshoot port huron michigan photographer.jpg
best family photographer fort gratiot michigan family photographer.jpg
father and son love port huron michigan photographer.jpg
michigan terminal cancer photoshoot.jpg
McLaren hospital terminal cancer documentary.jpg
best lifestyle photographer michigan .jpg
port huron michigan black and white photographer.jpg
michigan terminal cancer documentary photography.jpg

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