Hi. I'm Autumn,
An award winning, published, Destination photographer.

Many think of me as a Photographer, but I know myself as an Artist.

Photographers can be taught.
Artists are just born.

I'm equally as passionate about Fashion & Art as I am about Nature & Adventure.

Let's get to know each other.


It's not photography that I'm obsessed with-
It's light, emotion, body movement,

and allowing you to be exactly who you are so I can show you just how amazing that really is.

It's your raw story that I never tire of,

and that moment when you cry after seeing your portraits for the first time.

Together, we will create the best portrait you've ever seen of yourself.
That's a promise.


Natural. Beauty.
It's what we do.

   AJBC Photography is a passionate, creative, all female team that prides ourselves on the welcoming environment we provide and the high quality experience we give, along with our desire to create unique art for you. We are constantly educating ourselves not only on photography, but fashion and makeup as well. We are here to help you behind the scenes and during your shoot.

Are you wondering what the letters A J B C mean!?

   Before I was a photographer I was a painter. I would sign my work with my initials- A.J.B. When I transitioned to photography it only felt right to keep my "artist" name, but at that point I was married. I felt wrong about replacing the "B" so I simply just added the "C" and for the last 10 years, AJBC has been my photography identity.