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Top Michigan Winter Photo Shoots


Top Michigan Winter Photo Shoots

Winter is here! Get inspired for your own session!

Engagement, Family, Senior, Beauty photoshoot in the snow!

We love the look of cozy engagement photos shot in the colder months of the year. So grab a cup of hot cocoa and get inspiration for your own cozy engagement photos!

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There’s something so magical and captivating about playing among the snowflakes! Don't let the cold stop you! Get out your cute scarfs and boots and don't miss out on this fun, unique experience!

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Have the best of both worlds with family fun in the snow to warming up in the cutest coffee shops with the ones you love!

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It doesn't need to be a bright and warm day to capture beauty! Winter may have this dark and gloomy persona but some of the most gorgeous shots have been taken playing in the fresh snowfall, dancing in the white out fields, and climbing washed up ice mountains! 

Get inspired by Taylor's Dark Beauty Shoot on Lake Huron!

Check out my Self Portrait in the white woods of Grayling!

Just Imagine white snow blanketing the town, flocking the trees, and floating down. How could you not be inspired for a whimsical winter beauty shoot!

creative winter shoots michigan beauty photographer lake huron port huron michigan .jpg


Just a couple of country kids.


Just a couple of country kids.

A love that's country song worthy.

Couple celebrates their love
with a natural, back road photo shoot.

backround lovers country couple michigan couple photographer.jpg

   That goofy in love stage. Not many keep that feeling alive, but Brad and Melissa act like they’re still 2 young kids on one of their first dates, and it’s adorable to photograph.
   They wanted to keep it simple, and true to who they are. They told me of the stories of when they first met and how they didn’t have a lot of money so they spent a lot of time on the back roads.
  They would buy a case of beer, fill up the cooler, head out, fish, cruise, and just enjoy each other.    It was so low key and sweet to recreate that. And of course the beers were real, because, I mean, we’re going 100% authentic here!
   Watching Melissa stick her tongue out at Brad and Brad scoopher up in his arms and spin her in the middle of the dusty road as the sun set off in the distance, it was super easy to capture that emotion of love because it was so obviously still alive in them!
   And then to celebrate we cracked a cold one open in the middle of the studio driveway afterwards. Perfect way to end the night.

backroad country couple michigan couple photographer.jpg
country couple photoshoot fishing outdoors lovers photographer.jpg
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pick up truck couple photoshoot in a field port huron michigan couple photographer.jpg
port huron michigan couple photographer.jpg
fun young love couple backround country couple michigan lifestyle photographer.jpg

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