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Whimsical Senior Photoshoot- from fern goddess to fashion queen

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Whimsical Senior Photoshoot- from fern goddess to fashion queen

Winter in the Summer with Autumn

whimsy senior photoshoot port huron.jpg

Oh, honestly, her name is Winter, I’m Autumn, like I wasn’t going to crack some tiny joke about how perfectly paired and ironic this all was. haha

Ok, so back to how stunning and sweet our Senior client was (and her mom too- oh my gosh, all us girls had so much fun together on this shoot!) They nailed all 4 of her looks, I helped a little with the wardrobe suggestions, but they came packing bags, all glammed up and ready! I love that she rocked EVERY style SO perfectly- whimsical, a little grunge, glam, playful.

This is why our Couture Collection will always be my fav that we offer. We all have more than 1 personality inside of us, different sides to who we are, or maybe who we want to be, and it’s SO fun to show off all that diversity in a shoot. If you have NO idea what speaks to you, we have a Style Guide that’s pretty helpful too!

Winter’s shoot was filled with dress twirling, coffee, back city alleys, and splashing in the river. And tall, tan beauty that I’m a little jealous of, but I tried to not let it show too much. ;) If you want professional, model worthy portraits taken we can do that. If you want a day you’ll never forget- THAT’S what we specialize in.

Take a peek at the WHOLE experience below!

And if it EVER snows here in Michigan Winter will be coming back for a jaw dropping session in, yes, you guessed it, the Winter. Last joke, I’m done. But btw I can do this because her and I discussed how silly it is every time someone says a seasonal joke to us, like we had NEVER heard it before. haha So I earned the right.

port huron senior photographer.jpg
natural organic senior photography.jpg
boho port huron photography.jpg
fun summer senior photoshoots.jpg
michigan portrait photographer.jpg
downtown port huron chic senior photoshoot.jpg
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chic beauty senior photography.jpg
dusk senior photoshoots port huron.jpg

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Caleigh's Winter Senior Portraits- coffee, snowflakes, and dancing in tunnels


Caleigh's Winter Senior Portraits- coffee, snowflakes, and dancing in tunnels

high school photoshoot winter cold.jpg

   Caleigh is only a couple of weeks away from graduation. We squeezed in her Senior Couture Photoshoot in late Spring, which still means snow for us photographers in Michigan.
   We started the shoot out in the studio. Chic and modern, yet still natural. When I used to think of “studio” portraits I used to think of boring, overly posed, basic portraits, but not anymore. I love movement and emotion and that is highlighted beautifully in the studio with such a simplistic approach. Not that you guys care but I also just got the biggest, most glorious lighting set up for the studio so the light looks incredibly natural even when we shoot at night now! Yay!
   After that we snuck outside to get a few shots tucked away in the pine trees. The snow was just starting to come down and it was perfect for these fun outdoor shots, and look how cute she is with that fur hood on!
   Next we traveled to down town Port Huron where the backdrop was mute, foggy, and had such a somber feel to it. Right on the water, it would have been perfect for a pirate scene in a movie. The rain boots and that pop of red was perfect here! When the flakes REALLY started to come down Caleigh changed and we took shelter in an old  train tunnel! This location has morphed over the years- I remember shooting here when it was full of graffiti and train tracks. Now it’s cleaned up but it still pairs awesome with her leather jacket for a edgy city girl look.
     At this point in the shoot Caleigh was used to us making her dance, do hair flips, spin, laugh, and she was really starting to work the camera. I know it’s hard to drop that guard but once you do in front of my camera it’s beautiful! I won’t push you to that point, but we do our best to effortlessly and naturally pull it out of you!
   This is honestly why our Couture Collection is so awesome- because of the diversity in outfits, locations, and because of the time together! It’s easy to see after the first 30 mins, and especially after an hour, the confidence that starts to come out and the personality that starts to show!
   The last thing we did was celebrate our shoot with some Starbucks coffee, and that’s also where we shot the last outfit. With a little creativity and an artist's eye we were able to work around the people and the chaos to grab some really stunning images.

creative senior photography near me.jpg
port huron beauty senior photography.jpg
outdoor high school photoshoot.jpg
places in port huron for senior photography.jpg
outdoor natural winter senior photographer.jpg
fun and natural winter senior photoshoot.jpg
Port Huron Senior Photoshoot at Starbucks
Port Huron Michigan Senior Photographer
beautiful senior photography.jpg
senior in studio photoshoot.jpg
Natural High School Portraits
Indoor Studio Photography Port Huron

   I absolutely love the portraits that we create with you, but honestly, the adventure of the shoot is just as important to us, because images will spark memories of the day, and we want you to look at these images years from now and relive the whole experience, relive how fun it was, how amazing you looked, and how free, confident and beautiful you felt! 
The days of- we went to a studio, I got my pictures taken, here they are- are SO not what we’re here for.  
I hope these images evoke laughter about how many times I asked Caleigh to flip her hair or spin for me! I hope recalling how HARD it was snowing and how cold it was will make them remember not only the time, the place, how it felt, how it smelled, how it looked, but also the moment and who she was at 17 years old, graduating high school, because they'll never get that time back, and it deserves to be preserved .

Fun High School Senior Photographer near me

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