The other day I had a talk with a photography friend who "challenged" me in my work. He told me even if it doesn't come out good- challenge yourself. So I did. It was a great experience and showed me how far I had come, yet how far I still have to go.
   In keeping that mind set, I have gotten a lot done lately that I feel good about. I think I'm finally getting to that point in my work where the piece has its own voice and I don't need to force anything upon it. I also feel like as an artist I am starting to find my own voice, and people are listening. I think that's bc after all these years I know what I want to say, and I'm going to say it whether people listen or not. Well, come to find out, they start to listen, and that feels good.

Here are a few shots I've nabbed as of late:


   BTW- I'm doing a project called a 365, where I take a picture of myself, for a entire year. So that's why I am the subject in a lot of my projects. Quite vain, but it's a great learning tool. Might as well learn the tricks of the trade on yourself before you attempt to do it on someone else.