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natural beauty that's magazine worthy


natural beauty that's magazine worthy

   A few years ago I had done a portrait session of myself for my website. You can see what I'm talking about in my my bio, here. 
   My husband shot the photos and I remember saying to him, I just wish my clients would trust me. I wish I could find someone who when I say I want to go to a muddy field they get it, and go. 
That day finally came, and it was with a beautiful girl named Jessika from Algonac High School. 
   We met before hand, like I always do with my girls, and talked about how we wanted to embrace the natural look, sit in a field of wild flowers, splash in the water. When it came to the day of shooting I told them, there's a corner about 2 mins down the road filled with amazing wild flowers right now. If you don't mind being next to the side of the road and a ditch, we can go. And so we went. And the results are simple, and breathtaking, all at once. 


It started to sprinkle and that little bit of grey was exactly what we needed to take her images from every day, to something that looks totally ethereal. Not to mention the way Jessika holds herself in front of the camera, it's stunning all the way around. 


   When we got done and were running back to our cars I looked over and saw a field newly plowed and just loved the texture. Remember when I said I just wanted to find someone who would love a barren, muddy old field, just like me? This is why. Jessika hopped right in, posed, and ended up looking like she should be in an urban outfitters magazine. 


   The next set was taken right at the AJBC Photography Home Studio.


   After that we headed downtown to mix up our looks. And man, does she rock this edgier downtown look too. 


   Finally, as the sun was about to set, we got to play in the water! I was just in aw as she sat there, perched on top of the log, dress floating in the water, her hand delicately leaving ripples in the surface, at how gorgeous she was, especially in that moment. 


AJBC Photography- Port Huron Senior Photographer

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The Seekers Of Shelter- week 6 with ajbc photography (port huron, michigan photographer)

This week was the first week I had to branch out of the studio without my assistant for this 52 week project and see what happened. 
There was a time when all I had was my creativity. No props. No studio. No extra fluff. No real ways of knowing how to properly edit and da hubs.... always da hubs, next to me. 
So I decided this week, let's drop the tricks, all of them. Let's go back to doing what I know best- taking a scene and running with it. 
I extra like this because as of late Jake and I have been doing a pretty good job of getting out and doing things we normally wouldn't do, but what we built our relationship off of in the first place. Hiking, walking around town, photographing just for us, filming just for us, and simply enjoying the simple things in life. 
I give you:
The Seekers Of Shelter

We actually started a company (The Seekers Of) based on those beliefs- getting outside, creating beautiful things, and helping others build their small dreams in to big realities with the help of artistic visual media and... and little.... seeking. 
If you want to check us out you can, here----->