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Marysville Rustic Summer Wedding


Marysville Rustic Summer Wedding

A beautiful Summer Wedding in Michigan

the classiest rustic themed wedding you've ever seen

wedding ring and flowers michigan wedding.jpg

   It’s a hot summer morning, the sun is baking the Earth, and hidden behind a hotel door is 2 rooms full of beautiful girls running back and forth in oversized button down shirts with flawless hair and makeup.
   In the middle of them stands a Bride... calm, stunning, and smiling.
   A few doors down holds a room full of men, standing, fully dressed, relaxed, with a bottle of Jack pulling the room together on the bathroom sink. Amongst them is a quiet and handsome Groom.
   It’s Avery and Randy’s Wedding Day and we’ve just arrived at the hotel, right before everyone does the finishing touches and we leave to have the Bride and Groom see each other for the first time.
   The First Look between Avery and Randy was something that looked as though it was pulled from a fairy tale, and the First Look Avery did with her Father was nothing short of a fairy tale as well.
   The family piled in and out as we did Family Portraits, right before leaving for Bridal Party pictures.
   The boys teased Randy as they all took turns getting photographed with him for the big day. The girls stayed cool in the AC. After the boys showed off their best poses and bombarded Randy we got the girls out and it was their turn. Every single girl different, every single girl stunning. We photographed them 2 at a time while the rest fussed over Avery’s dress and their good / bad sides in between shots.
   Right before leaving everyone climbed up a hill, heels flying, and we got the whole crew together.
   The ceremony was lighthearted and personal with Randy and Avery reading their own vows out loud, which lead right in to an amazing reception. After dinner we watched the emotional dances between father and daughter, and son and mother. If you want to cry with people you’ve just met- watch these dances up close and feel their emotion spill out of them...
   It’s something that gets me every time, and I always walk away feeling so privileged that I am there, witnessing that moment,  and so thankful we were asked to be a part of this day and allow it to stand the test of time through photographs.

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first look bride and groom photos.jpg
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father daughter dance michigan wedding photographer.jpg
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michigan wedding photographer mother son dance.jpg
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Fairytale Wedding by Port Huron, MI Wedding Photographer ajbc photography


Fairytale Wedding by Port Huron, MI Wedding Photographer ajbc photography

Audrey and Adam.
A young couple who came to us with the most easy going of attitudes. They were getting married and needed it captured beautifully. End of story. They told us the theme was fairytale, and we thought to ourselves, "That's cute. But like most couples, aren't all weddings meant to be like a fairytale?"
Whoa. I will fully admit we were wrong and 100% underestimated the amazingness of their Fairytale (and yes I capitalized it bc it was THAT legit!)
We walked in to an explosion of magic everywhere. Every Disney fairytale you've ever heard about was there, all hand made and put together by the bride and her mom. 
Take a look!


Even when you stepped away from the reception hall, reality was still graced with that magical feeling. True, beautiful emotions were floating around as everyone scrambled to get ready and hug one last time before entering the ceremony. 


When we had just 1 hour to break away and get outside we took them to a local place we had found that looked as though it jumped out of the pages of a fairytale written 100 years ago. The vines, stained glass, and old bricks were just what we needed to make their story that much more real. 

ajbcphotography-port-huron-michigan-wedding-photographer-love-bride-groom-destination-wedding-downtow n-porthuron.jpg

Back at the reception we watched them start their new lives together. Love literally bounced all around that room. It was so strong and true I'm not sure how we all didn't cry. The whole day was truly touching and I'm SO glad we were a part of it. 


A Fairytale Wedding held at Crystal Gardens / Angry Bull in Port Huron Michigan photographed by AJBC Photography Wedding

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