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I have my prints, now what?

This year my focus is educating people. I know I keep saying that but I feel like it's really important! I want them to understand what an awesome experience professional, custom photography is. I want them to understand it's far beyond walking into a room, smiling, and then placing a simple order.

To help with that, I've reconstructed the way I do things.

NOW when you book a session with me you get a pre and post session consultation, along with other bonuses.The presession consultation helps me better understand you and what you are looking for and it helps you better understand me and my creative process- but this WHOLE thing is for another entry!The post is where we do a viewing and put together an order for you.

Along with that I want to show people how their portraits can become their OWN art and how it goes past just ordering some prints. Why fill your walls with images from places you've never been, or $20 mass produced meaningless sunsets? Why not take what you love, what you base your whole life around, and showcase THAT on your walls! Not only will it constantly bring a smile to your face, it will help keep you in check in times of a pitty party- it will remind you of what truly matters most in life...

With that being said, that also evokes what I hope to be, again, a whole new blog entry sometime soon (picking out print sizes and wall layouts for your home) yet also brings me to my main point-

What happens once you get your prints!?

First off I want my clients to know I am there to help, 100% beginning to end! You need help with frames, you call me! You need help figuring out a wall collage at your house, I'll come over! I'm not going to ditch you at the most important part of this project- the final display. Although, if you have your own handyman or are good with visuals, then you got this! It's not a scientific method, it's whatever looks right and makes your room feel whole!

In short (bc like I said, this is a whole new entry) you have prints in hand, you've picked your wall, you know your configuration.... now what? 

Here are a few tips I have for you:

On a budget- Hobby Lobby.

This store has the answers to all my life questions, I swear! Better yet- they offer sales ALL the time! You can wait and purchase frames for 50% off or just download the Hobby Lobby App for your smart phone and you have 40% at your fingertips 24/7! Brilliant!

When purchasing a frame try to get something that will complement your image and the style of your home. Don't go cheap- this is the finishing touch.

Try to find a frame with matting included. This will not only make your print look more finished it will prevent the print from being pushed directly onto the glass, causing air bubbles, and if it gets moist, damage.

Custom look on a budget- Hobby Lobby Backless Framing

Backless frames are just that- backless. Most common in large sizes, they are not 100% custom due to the fact that are premaid but they can give you that custom look by you getting a larger size, adding matting in the color of your choice, and having HL finish it off for you by cleaning the glass, securing the image in, paper the back AND putting a hook on it for $1. You seriously CAN NOT beat this option!

You can still use your 40% off on the frame, bring a friend, have them get 40% off your glass for you, and now you have a custom look for a lot less!

Not only does it make your print look "finished" and more special, look at the size you gain! In the example below you can see how we've taken a print and added atleast 3 extra inches to it's width and height by adding a thick frame and matting- this is good bc it not only protects the print like we talked about and makes it look very high quality, but it also can save you some money on your prints if you are on a budget. You can now "fake" the next size up by adding matting and a frame!

Handmade Options- I'm going to be honest, do I really like doing "shout outs" for big box stores- no, not really, but I like to think realistically and in a way that makes things simple for busy people. BUT! Let's not forget about the DIY projects. Pinterest is OUT OF CONTROL with DIY projects. Get a can of spray paint and go at it!! Look out of the box at resale shops like Kristy's Kloset in Port Huron or even the Goodwill! Don't want to do it yourself, look up amazing handmade products on sites like I am all for supporting the local art community so ask around!

Custom Framing-

Although people think of this as a pricey option, sometimes it's a must. Sometimes your house, the shape of your wall, the look of the room calls for something 100% custom. This is where they build a frame to exactly what size you want, they cut the matting in the style you choose, and they insert the images, finishing them off with the paper back and hook like I mentioned above. This option is great for wall collages bc it allows you to mix and match sizes. It's also great for sequence images or images you need to showcase together to create drama. Above all else this look is YOUR look 100% and is MADE to fit YOU! I'm sure there are several great options out there but one local business that has a great reputation is Proper Framing in Down Town Port Huron.