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Top Michigan Winter Photo Shoots


Top Michigan Winter Photo Shoots

Winter is here! Get inspired for your own session!

Engagement, Family, Senior, Beauty photoshoot in the snow!

We love the look of cozy engagement photos shot in the colder months of the year. So grab a cup of hot cocoa and get inspiration for your own cozy engagement photos!

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There’s something so magical and captivating about playing among the snowflakes! Don't let the cold stop you! Get out your cute scarfs and boots and don't miss out on this fun, unique experience!

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Have the best of both worlds with family fun in the snow to warming up in the cutest coffee shops with the ones you love!

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It doesn't need to be a bright and warm day to capture beauty! Winter may have this dark and gloomy persona but some of the most gorgeous shots have been taken playing in the fresh snowfall, dancing in the white out fields, and climbing washed up ice mountains! 

Get inspired by Taylor's Dark Beauty Shoot on Lake Huron!

Check out my Self Portrait in the white woods of Grayling!

Just Imagine white snow blanketing the town, flocking the trees, and floating down. How could you not be inspired for a whimsical winter beauty shoot!

creative winter shoots michigan beauty photographer lake huron port huron michigan .jpg


A Modern Engagement Session in Port Huron, MI


A Modern Engagement Session in Port Huron, MI

Celebrating the future Mr. and Mrs.
with a photoshoot

A young couple, their pup, and 1 hidden trail

blue water river walk outdoor couple photoshoot engagement session with golden retriever.jpg

   Bridget and I had been planning the visual journey we would take for her wedding for quite a few months before I ever got to meet Russell. Little did I know they also had a secret child they didn't tell me about that I would be meeting the day of their engagement shoot - Zelda! 
   Geometric shapes was the theme for their wedding, but they also love the outdoors, so I took them to the Blue Water River Walk in Downtown Port Huron. It was the perfect mix of both. The tunnel which created some stunning angles and shapes with the highlights and shadows, and then the nature areas that are fairly new to the area.
   We basically just went on a casual walk, stopping and grabbing fun shots when we saw something that caught our eye. When I say the process is natural and fun, I mean it, so stop being so nervous, guys!
   I LOVE couples that I don't have to direct, that I don't have to explain what it looks like to like each other. Sure... I can help you a little but I can't MAKE you be ridiculously adorable with each other if you just aren't, and Russell and Bridget were pretty stinkin' cute with each other so that worked out nicely! And Zelda, oh my goodness, what a good girl!
   Since we were photographing their wedding (one of the last two for this year, and I'm currently not booking more- heads up!) Bridget was unsure about getting engagement photos as well, but I told her, you're going to be happy that you have beautiful portraits of the two of you together, natural, the way you are every day, not in fancy wedding attire. I am SO glad they did this! Their Wedding portraits are gorgeous too (hopefully you guys will see those soon!) but these show off their personality and tell their story on an every day level, which I love.
   So now, let's go on a visual journey of what they looked like right before they said I Do!

golden retriever family photo port huron michigan couple photographer fur child dog.jpg
couple engagement photos on lake huron blue water river walk port huron michigan photographer.jpg
detroit michigan couple photographer.jpg
engagement session on lake huron michigan couple photographer.jpg
blue water river walk downtown port huron engagement photoshoot.jpg
downtown port huron couple photoshoot michigan engagement photographer couple photos with dog love golden retriever.jpg
michigan couple photographer.jpg
downtown port huron michigan engagement session outdoor photoshoot.jpg
michigan couple photographer engagement session outdoor phototshoot.jpg
fun engagement photoshoot outdoor couple session michigan photographer love couples engagement blue water river walk.jpg
michigan engagement photographer blue water river walk love outdoor photshoot.jpg
michigan engagement photographer blue water river walk port huron michigan.jpg

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A His and Hers Engagment Session


A His and Hers Engagment Session

An outdoor engagement session-

from the forest to the city streets

michigan summer engagement photos in the woods.jpg

   Meet Marisa and Craig- the most adorable couple that have nothing in common.
   Ok, that’s a total lie. But if you ask them strictly how they feel about the outdoors, well, then, it’s partially true. haha
   As we all know, relationships are about sacrifices and getting outside of our comfort zones, or for Marisa getting outside, like really outside....  Craig loves the outdoors. He’s happy in the woods. Actually- if he had his way we would have photographed this whole thing outdoors in the middle of winter, but... time wouldn’t allow us to do that, since we are photographing their wedding in a few short months! Marisa, who told us the woods was NOT her thing, trusted me though when I told her it would be worth the struggle to get some amazing shots... while also making her future hubby pretty happy.
   He was pretty impressed with her as she trudged through tall, picky grass, laid with bugs, and sat down right in the middle of the dirty woods. So when we switched things up and went downtown, Marisa was in her element and we looked for Craig to found that common ground. Spinning around the city streets in her dress and dancing, Craig held her hand the whole way.
   Their chemistry together is adorable. They connect on a level where it doesn’t matter if their interests clash... because they have everything else to offer each other, like love, respect, friendship, and a bond I know is unbreakable and meant to be.
   Learn from them. Love each other. Accept others differences and tightly embrace what brings you together.

detroit michigan engagement wedding summer photographer.jpg
michigan engagement photographer.jpg
michigan outdoor egagement wedding photographer.jpg
port huron michigan outdoor engagement photos.jpg
port huron michigan summer engagement photographer.jpg
michigan outdoor engagement photoshoot.jpg
downtown port huron couples photoshoot.jpg
downtown port huron engagement photos.jpg
ajbc photography port huron michigan couples photographer.jpg
outdoor couples photographer downtown port huron .jpg

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