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Port Huron Wedding Photographer Travels South to historic Savannah, Georgia


Port Huron Wedding Photographer Travels South to historic Savannah, Georgia

First thing you should know about this couple-
I have never seen a more prepared and organized couple that can drive so quickly through a city. haha!
Troy and Blair live in, what I think is, one of the most beautiful cities in America. It for sure tops any other city I have ever been to when it comes to preserving history and it's a large city that NEVER feels full of tourists or annoyed locals. We've visited Savannah 3 times within the last 3 years and I'm always ready to go back again. 

So why were Port Huron photographers all the way in Georgia? Well. Because of the lovely Blair and Troy. My husband and I went to high school with Blair and since she had been following my work for the last few years asked if we traveled for weddings. And that question came with a very simple- YES! 
After they told me their wedding plans were to have a steampunk / circus theme I was screaming YYEESSSS!!! haha And the rest is history.

We got together a day before their wedding for more casual shots of the two of them, since they didn't have any professionally done. 
Not knowing the area super well, I counted on them to know where they wanted to go. 
I've never shot in so many different locations that were so far apart from each other in a period of just under 2 hours before.
We started at their house which is the epitome of a gorgeous southern home. Original... everything. They are in the middle of renovations but when they are done they are going to have a beautiful porch to sit on while they breath that awesome, clean,warm southern air, covered from the shade of the spanish moss that hangs from the trees. We then went to a near by neighborhood, next to The Wormsloe Historic Site, to a few other stops in between that we changed our mind about, rushed then to SCAD ( Savannah College of Art and Design), and then ended at Clary's, a restaurant that was also in the film Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. I'll admit, all that makes me a little jealous of them!

What I loved most about them was their ability to say, "It's not gonna work, moving on!" We got to some locations that were packed, parking wasn't going to happen, or the backdrop just wasn't as great as they remembered. They honestly worked like a well oiled machine together. There was NO stress with them, they simply were a team. Which isn't that what the perfect husband and wife couples are? A team?

Their wedding was also a blast.... but sorry, you're going to have to wait. Because that's a whole other post!! 

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