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Floating through the Veil- An Endless Performance


Floating through the Veil- An Endless Performance

The stage was lit and the crowd was quiet. 
She sat watching them, taking in the silence. 

101 Beauty Halloween Red Dress.jpg

Her red dress freshly washed from the performance before. 
Her hair let down and her bare feet on the floor.

102 glamour photography on stage.jpg
104 old piano beauty photography.jpg

Her talent was enough but her beauty was greater. 
She was a burning star, but she wouldn't realize until later.

103 red dress famous woman.jpg
111 old vintage piano spooky.jpg
105 Halloween ghost photography.jpg

Later did come, yet time no longer passed.
She stayed in that theatre now reciting the past.

106 Halloween inspired photoshoot.jpg
107 dark beauty photography.jpg
108 Halloween ghost haunting Lexington Winery.jpg

No tickets were purchased and the front door was locked. 
The dust sat beautifully on top of what others had forgot. 

109 Ghost in Lexington Michigan Winery.jpg

She floated above the scuffed and tattered floor. 
Her dress never dirty, her burning, no more.

Days were nights and nights were days.
Her piano rotted on top of the stage.

110 Levitation Beauty Photography.jpg

Now her skin was washing thin.
Transparent was her beauty.
Either this was her chance
Or a pure game of cruelty.

112 Levitating ghost Halloween shoot.jpg

Days had been years and years had been days.
But today the sun was actually burning through the haze.

113 Beauty red dress sunshine.jpg

Oh to return for one more night! 
Just to touch the keys and caress the light. 

114 beauty woman performer on stage classic.jpg

She called out with hope, raspy was her voice.
She began to levitate as if by choice.

115 levitation Port Huron Photographer.jpg
116 Port Huron Photographer Dark beauty.jpg

Colors began to rush back in. 
Her star back to burning, the show to begin.

And there she saw it, her piano, her friend. 
Where she could play for one more night, while the veil was thin again.

117 Piano pianist beauty woman performer.jpg
118 Piano Dancing Woman Red Dress Beauty Port Huron Michigan.jpg

Behind the Scenes:
I've never done levitation photography before, so that was the driving force behind this shoot. 
We were lucky enough to be able to shoot in the second and third floor of the Old Town Hall Winery in Lexington, Michigan.
It wasn't until I entered the space that I switched my thinking from a glamorous "floating" shoot to a haunted levitation shoot. 

It's told the Winery is said to be haunted, really haunted, by adults and children. Even tv crews have came to check the place out and left because it was that haunted.
Not sure where I stand on this... I can at least say I was happy to be photographing there in the daylight.

We did have a few happenings with lights and our fog machine, and our model, with no clue how it happened, did look down to see her big toe cut and bleeding. She later lost her toenail, so, take that how you wish (extra props to her for working through the shoot the WHOLE time like that!). Maybe the ghosts were not happy with our presence, or we just had bad luck. 

As gloomy as the day looks here we shot this in August (I think) on what had to be the HOTTEST day of the year. Only a few minutes in and we were literally stripping off our clothes and shoes to continue working. Not to mention what we hauled up 2 flights of tall stairs:
fog machine, a gallon of fog juice, loaded camera backpack, loaded trolly with light stands, lights, reflector, extra fabric, cords, battery pack, and god only knows what else. Oh, and a ladder. A 6 ft tall metal ladder. Oh, and a small, heavy ass trampoline we found in the garbage a week before. Call us crazy, but... Ok, no, no excuses, we're crazy.  

After 3 hours I got what I wanted and we hauled all of our stuff back out and celebrated with lunch and a cold beer. 

When editing, this effect is created by layering images, removing unneeded things, adding in shadows, and a lot of blending. 
Here's a look at what an image looks like BEFORE and AFTER I mess with it. 

Behind the Scenes Photography.jpg
Before and After Photoshop Work Levitation Photography Editing

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