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engagement session with reunited high school sweethearts by port huron michigan wedding photographer ajbc photography

This lovely lady right here is the very first person I met when I moved from Cros-Lex schools to the Port Huron Area. 
I remember touring Fort Gratiot Middle School with my mom, knowing no one. Jessica and her mom were walking next to us in the hallway. We started talking, and we've stayed in touch ever since. 

Fast forward a few years and Pat comes along. I don't even think any of us could drive yet and we were still passing notes to each other in the hallways. They got together and stayed together for a "long time" in the teen world, and then broke up like all kids do. 

Things changed. We graduated. Got jobs, became adults, got married, had kids. 
And then. The world spun just the right way and these 2 found each other again. 
10 years later they are making this beautiful family together and I could not be more happy for them! 

Hockey has been a huge part of both of their lives. Watching it, playing it, coaching it, so we made sure to get some ice shots before we wrapped up too. 

Seeing them together again just seems really right. They love and respect each other, and their kids are... well... I kind of want to steal both of them, they are so adorable and fun! 

Engagement Session at The River Walk and McMoran Arena in Down Town Port Huron Michigan with Wedding Photographer AJBC Photography