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Anything is possible, while driving

So my husband and I have this thing. Every time we go on vacation, or drive fairly far away (and I find we actually do this quite often...) we find ourselves talking about "crazy" things we hope to one day accomplish or ideas we would love to live out. I say "crazy" bc, really, are they so crazy? Or are they just crazy because we've been taught to live safely, to not take unneeded risk, to be happy with what we have. And while I AM happy with what I have, and I don't really consider myself risky, and I am one to worry about everything, I am, by far, probably more than anything, 

a very big dreamer.

The "problem" with this? So is my husband. This causes my dreams to, at times, get even further out of control! That's why I think we have gotten this far in our relationship without killing each other though, especially during times of actually living out some of our "crazy" dreams- like finish the construction of a house (that contained only plywood and studs) by ourselves at the age of 20, both start our own business by the age of 25, and the countless DIY projects we have taken on,bc we secretly love it. 

With that being said, my latest road trip talk was taking my business to the next level this year. It consumed several hours of our trip to Savannah from Michigan. This talk was different though. This talk felt really in my grasp, and I was EXCITED, so so so excited about it.

I keep saying I'm really looking forward to this year, but it's here! We're living it! 2013 has begun and I feel like in a few short weeks I've kicked it into high gear. 


Are you..........?

So,when do you dream? What's your "crazy" talk?

Make it not so crazy. Make it not just your dream.

Live your dream.