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Senior Portraits or Fashion Model Portfolio? You decide.

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Senior Portraits or Fashion Model Portfolio? You decide.

Port Huron Senior Photoshoot
Shot in Summer and Fall

Senior Session that screams both
fashion and everyday beauty

michigan fashion model photographer black and white portraits .jpg

   As a senior photographer, I always encourage clients to own their style and show off who they are right now. Things will change in one way or another down the road so embrace the here and now. When I saw all of the amazing outfits Madison was bringing for her photoshoot, I knew she would have one of the most stunning & stylish Senior Portrait Photoshoots!! A perfect mix of that fierce high fashion paired with natural background beauty.
   One of the first things you notice about Madison is her spectacular smile and how natural she is in front of the camera. She had 8 different outfits in total over two seasons to express herself in a variety or different locations we had picked out just for her and the vibe she was going for. We started in the studio with her fashion look! Fierce, dramatic and glamorous, which of course she nailed!  
   From dramatic lighting to next natural lighting, we did her next outfit which was this adorable white romper outdoors in a garden of wildflowers. Gorgeous light with beautiful tones of green reflecting off her skin, shooting Madison was too easy!
   We hopped in the car for our next outfit which was down a rocky back road with golden fields. Her look...Heels, and the back roads? Yes, it may not seem like the average combo but there's nothing like strutting your confidence in some heels in any location. There are no rules here ladies!
   After that look we hopped back into in the car and drove to her stable where we met her beautiful horse, Homer, who may have stole the show, but only for a tiny bit! Madison was this elegant yet powerful equestrian rider in her uniform, but every day she was a fun, playful woman who loved her horse!
   We finished up at the stables and then it was time to race to the shores of Lexington. Madison had changed into her fifth outfit which was this chic blue dress for our city girl, downtown look, walking the cobble stone streets..
   And lastly, in casual jeans and a cute off the shoulder top we ended the Summer shoot right on the blue water of Lake Huron. I cannot emphasize how stunning it was as the sun was coming down with the warm tones! The washed out wood, sparking reflections in the lake, mixed with her blonde hair and those eyes... GOSH it was just breath taking. I remember we got the shots we needed but we COULDN'T STOP photographing her.  We ended the evening with the calm sunset off in the distance.

  Keep reading to see how we ended the whole collection with a Fall Shoot! 

port huron northen high school senior model senior fashion senior beauty studio photoshoot fashion photographer.jpg
port huron michigan senior portrait photographer senior beauty senior fashion.jpg
michigan outdoor senior beauty photographer white dress in the woods photoshoot.jpg
port huron equestrian team senior photographer.jpg
raulf lauren fashion senior portraits with her horse michigan equestrian.jpg
lexington michigan senior portrait photographer.jpg
lexington michigan outdoor senior portraits senior beauty senior fashion.jpg
lexington michigan senior fashion portraits on the water lexington docks senior beauty senior fashion.jpg
michigan outdoor senior portrait photographer beauty on the water boho senior look .jpg
boho senior look at lexington michigan harbor best michigan senior photographer.jpg
senior portraits on the water port huron northern senior photoshoot boho senior fashion lexington harbor.jpg

   No doubt Madison nailed everything in Summer, but the colors this Fall were too amazing to pass up and Fall brings a whole new Fashion, so, naturally, we had to finish the year out with all the looks! 
   We started in the studio again because I just couldn't pass up another opportunity to get some fashion forward shots of her! She's a true model. But we eventually ventured outdoors and drove down the road where we actually found this old, falling apart farm trailer, which we "borrowed" just for a few shots, and oh my gosh, they may be my fav shots from this whole collection!
   We ended walking the woods in the back of the studio, down the trails scattered with all the perfect Fall colors, and our grand finale of it all, and the most mesmerizing shot, was having her lay on the ground with her hair fanned out and Fall leaves placed ever so perfectly. Again, we had to tell ourselves we got the shot and force ourselves to stop shooting. 

   This is just a handful of some of the fav images from her NINTY image collection- 90!! Beauty + Fashion + Nature = INCREDIBLE Senior Portraits.  

port huron michigan senior model senior beauty studio session senior fashion.jpg
port huron northern senior photographer outdoor beauty outdoor fashion senior beauty.jpg
port huron high school edgy senior photoshoot beauty fashion outdoor photographer .jpg
best michigan outdoor senior portrait photographer black and white senior fashion senior beauty.jpg
outdoor fall fashion fall senior portraits michigan fall fashion photographer senior beauty .jpg
outdoor senior photoshoot fall fashion fall senior photoshoot fall leaves fall beauty senior fall style outdoor photoshoot best michigan senior portrait photographer.jpg

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Let me show you what natural beauty looks like- teen grunge style.


Let me show you what natural beauty looks like- teen grunge style.

Teen Fashion Photoshoot straight out of a magazine spread.

Aspiring young model matures with edgy session.

detroit michigan portrait photographer.jpg

   Jillian is the epitome of natural beauty with a unique twist. I don’t know what it is, but before her session I secretly stalked her on facebook, as probably all photographers do, and I instantly feel in love with her look. She’s 14 and the perfect mixture of an innocent yet mature look that looks effortless yet dramatic.
   We had planned on her bringing an oversized shirt for the studio and a white dress for outside.
The studio look showcased just her. I didn't want anything to take away from her beauty. This is when I fell back in love with simplistic yet dramatic studio portraits. The 2nd look was just something free and light. (Secret- it was SUPER cold the day we shot so we actually photographed the white dress look with her shoes on and sweat pants around her ankles, and in between shots she would pull them back up and put her coat on to warm up. Yes, we got tricks!) 
   As a total wild card Jillian brought an extra look- trendy sunglasses, ripped white washed jeans, and vans. Her long, uncurled hair blew in the wind as we did a little sun worshiper session right in the side yard of the studio.
   Her serious looks were to die for but for the last shot of the day I got one huge, playful, real laugh from her on camera and we called it a day.
   When she and her mom came back for her viewing I found out they would be using the images for her modeling portfolio and I got SO excited. She took her previously portfolio to Chicago and they told her she would have to come back when her look wasn’t so young. Watch out Chicago... Jillian will be back and you will be eating your words. This is bold, beautiful, and her young spirit brings this pure emotion to her edgy, mature portraits.

michigan grungry beauty photographer portrait photographer.jpg
edgy model photoshoot michigan portrait photographer.jpg
michigan beauty photographer.jpg
detroit michigan artistic beauty photographer.jpg
port huron michigan beauty portrait photographer.jpg
port huron senior portrait photographer.jpg
destination portrait photographer outdoor beauty photoshoot muchigan portrait photographer.jpg
lexington michigan artistic portrait photographer outdoor photoshoot beauty photoshoot.jpg
michigan outdoor beauty portrait photographer.jpg
port huron michigan outdoor portrait photographer.jpg
michigan grungy portrait photographer.jpg
michigan portrait photographer artistic portrait photographer teen fashion.jpg
port huron michigan portrait photographer outdoor beauty photoshoot style fashion beauty.jpg
lexington michigan beauty portrait photographer.jpg

Watch how beautiful and effortless a shoot really is. Stunning portraits don't have to be difficult to create, just simply show up.

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A photoshoot with icebergs

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A photoshoot with icebergs

Native vibes in the middle of winter

Photography on the frozen shores of Lake Huron

   It was below freezing, winds over 20 mph, and I decided to take a drive to the beach. Something just pulled me there.
   If you find yourself in Michigan in the winter it's worth it to drive to the shores of Lake Huron (by Port Huron, we're on the East Side of the state) and check out the beach. You never know what you'll find. Open water, flat ice, old snow and sand mixed together, frozen pieces floating down with the current, little ice caves, or huge "icebergs" from where the waves just keep crashing up on shore, freezing into these huge mounds. Every year is different and unique.
   Our version of icebergs and icecaps are what I found that day. The little video above shows you what I stumbled upon.
   I parked my jeep and headed towards the beach. The wind hitting my face was more than cold, it was almost as if it was forcing me to close my eyes while it slapped me across the face. I could see the wind also making huge waves that were hitting the ice so hard they were flying up over the tops of them, at least 15+ feet in the air. I knew I didn't want to stay long, but I knew I HAD to come back. You can't see natural beauty like that and let it go unnoticed.

frozen back in Port Huron Michigan Lake Huron

   A few days later my assistants and I piled back in the jeep and headed back to the beach. With all my camera gear strapped to my back the girls also had an overwhelming amount a fur. We decided we wanted to all be wearing vintage fur coats for the shoot.
   Less than 2 minutes there we start exploring the area and Taylor falls in. One wrong step and she's up to her knee in water. She's done for. One thing you should know about the frozen shores of our beaches- they are unpredictable. They might look like they've been frozen for months but mother nature can cause miracles overnight.
   Taylor takes off to warm her toes and Elores and I stay out to get a few shots.
   This glamorous vision of expensive fur coats in front of this ice quickly turned to something more organic, more native, almost tribal. Elores started to take on this wild, mountain woman feel and we just ran with that. Take a look.

port huron michigan outdoor photographer lake huron beauty photographer ice bergs beach photoshoot .jpg
port huron michigan winter beauty photographer lake huron frozen beach.jpg
michigan winter photoshoot ice berg frozen shoreline photoshoot native woman photoshoot outdoor beauty winter beauty model.jpg
port huron michigan winter photoshoot fort gratiot park frozen shore line photoshoot winter beauty.jpg
lake huron photoshoot fort gratiot park photoshoot port huron michigan photographer native woman winter model winter beauty ice bergs .jpg
michigan winter photoshoot lake huron frozen shorelines photography ice bergs winter beauty model .jpg

   We did swap places for a second, Elores getting some shots of me (that I edited back in the studio later) before we ran back to the Jeep. I ripped off my coats (yes it was so cold I was wearing 2) down to my tank and wrapped myself up in the blanket, which was actually incredibly warm, and I just lived in that moment, in the sunshine and cool air, while she snapped a few photos.

port huron michigan beauty photographer winter photoshoot lake huron frozen shoreline photoshoot ice bergs beauty portraits.jpg
michigan outdoor beauty photographer lake huron frozen shoreline photoshoot michigan portrait photographer ice bergs beauty model .jpg

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Underwater Summer Beauty


Underwater Summer Beauty

An Underwater Photography Session

A beauty session shot 4 feet under water in a pool

underwater photoshoot lexington michigan.jpg

The way hair slowly twirls and fights time.
The way the sun rays break through the surface of the water to dance on the skin.
This is the magic that underwater photography brings. 

Take that visual journey with me.

These images reflect the softer side of underwater photography and the absolute beauty I am slowly becoming obsessed with.
Part 2 where images transition from color to black and white show a darker side of my experience, something with more grit, something that feels less peaceful and more like a photograph you found hidden in your grandmas attic and wonder- who were those people?

underwater model underwater photography michigan.jpg
underwater beauty photoshoot michigan photographer.jpg
underwater beauty michigan artistic photographer.jpg
gorgeous underwater photoshoot detroit michigan.jpg
outdoor underwater photoshoot detroit michigan.jpg
gorgeous underwater photography michigan.jpg
gorgeous underwater model lexington michigan underwater photoshoot.jpg
underwater beauty photoshoot port huron michigan.jpg
summer underwater photography michigan.jpg
artistic underwater photoshoot michigan.jpg
artistic water photoshoot.jpg
grungy outdoor water photoshoot.jpg
vintage underwater photoshoot lexington michigan.jpg
gorgeous underwater model photos.jpg

I can’t end this story without talking about all the HILARIOUS times we had while trying to accomplish this session.
First- it’s a hot, sticky, summer day and I have 15+ yards of fabric for each girl to drape all over herself, almost resembling a horrible 90s prom dress that I PROMISE them will look fabulous once floating in the water- fingers crossed.
We pin, pull, and tuck, and then head out to the pool.
I’ve rented an underwater camera, and despite all the negative things I’ve read about shooting in a pool, I’m confident we’ll still get something beautiful. Instantly... I find out every article I had read was so so so right. The chlorine causes a foggy mess when more than 3 feet away from your subject and what you are left with is either failure, or breaking personal space boundaries. I decided to invade personal space.
The girls who were brave enough to trust me with this vision were amazing, amazing models. Not only did they fight with unruly fabric, they also went under water and attempted to keep calm, open their eyes, and vogue in order for me to get the shot.
My assistant was in the back keeping the tulle in line, cleaning the pool of beetles and being the moral support I needed when it felt like things were maybe going to be a waste of time.
I was fighting with a fogged up, uncomfortable snorkel mask about every 10 seconds, swimming practically on top of my models. Iif I wanted to be below the model I had to release all my air and sit at the bottom of the pool for as long as I could while they fought and floated back and forth for as long as they could. My hair... well, we won’t go there but that was something else. haha
And then just the typical pool things- water in your mouth, water in your nose, chlorine in your eyes. Underwater Photography is a whole new animal.
But the whole vibe of the day honestly kept this project together. We had 4 young women all bobbing in a pool together, no makeup, hair a mess, horrible fashion sense, and it felt freeing. So I thank them for that!

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Watch the BTS video so you can see for yourself! Its hilarious and sums up the day- summer, pool. beauty, lots of laughs.