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May I offer this act of sacrifice to you

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May I offer this act of sacrifice to you

White Rock in Lake Huron, Michigan

An artistic adventure out to the sacred
Indian Rock- White Rock.

A sacred rock in Lake Huron marking the divide in territory between the white men and Indians back in the 1800s still sits in the water today, poking only it's head above water, known as White Rock.To show their appreciation of nature to the Great Spirit, Gitchi Manitou, Indians would take their game and food sacrificed and place it on the rock. People still make offerings on this rock today. In years to pass the Indians warned the white men to not trespass on the sacred rock, but they didn't all obey the call. The tale tells of White men arriving in a canoe and only 1 man who remained in the water surviving, while the others who went on the rock to dance were struck by lightening.

white rock port sanilac michigan self portrait photographer   .jpg

40 minutes later and we arrive by truck to the entry point of White Rock. What should be stairs leading down to the water is now an outlook spot with orange fencing and a sign that reads STAIRS CLOSED, do not enter. You can tell that the stairs that reach 30 ft above the shoreline are pulling away from their main structure and have a slight lean to them. We decide the risk is worth it and we hop the fence with our paddle boards. 4 flights down and we reach the empty beach, with White Rock off in the distance. It may be small but it's presence is mighty.

We turn around to realize our rebellion has encourage others to follow our lead and we're no longer alone. That all changes when we push off shore and into the Lake. We are again detached from what feels like the rest of the world. 

We paddle out 20 ft, 50 ft, 100ft from shore. Every push through the water gets us closer and closer to that feeling of freedom, with that feeling of familiarity still not too far behind us, as bottom is close and the crystal clear water allows us to enjoy what's underfoot. I watch as the birds perched on top of the rock scatter in unison. 1/2 mile out and White Rock is now directly in front of us and we have a choice to make- to trespass or not. We've already dismissed what the White Man tried to tell us and trespassed to get to the Lake, but in this moment I trust the Indians more than the White Man... I trust their tales, and I don't see them intimidating me with false fear. They know to respect the Land, and while I am here I will listen to them. 

With that being said I had this urge to show my thanks to the land too and in an essence "sacrifice myself" near the rock to nature and all that it has given me in this life. I entered the water, stood near the rock, and raised my arms to Mother Nature. I give myself to you. Thank You for your gifts. 

The wind blew and we fought to paddle back, but we made it, back up the leaning stairs, back over the orange fence, and back into the White Man's territory- where they tell you to stay off a leaning staircase for your own safety, but they will trespass on a sacred rock. Oh, we have so much to learn. I'll take my chances on the stairs, boys.      

white rock port sanilac michigan self portrait photographer.jpg

And thennnnn you just have to release your inner fashionista while floating on top of the waves of then lake.

lake huron port sanliac michigan photographer.jpg
port huron michigan self portrait photographer.jpg

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