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Retro Family Love


Retro Family Love

Retro Camper Summer Family Photo shoot

A Redone Vintage Shasta Trailer,  Fuzzy Show bunnies,
and some pin up love!

vintage family photoshoot retro shasta trailer photoshoot.jpg

   Imagine yourself going back in time for a minute where women were classy and sassy, kids were sweet, and love was real. You’ll get these guys, what we’ve been referring to in the studio as “Retro Love” because they just don’t make families like they used to... families like this one!      Yes, Stacy always looks this fabulous. And yes, this really is their Vintage Shasta camper that they redid all on their own!
   If that isn’t enough to keep you scrolling through these adorable moments, just wait until you get to the fluffy bunnies! I know... Pure magic! This little girl was such a proud, responsible mama to her fuzzy babes, who happen to be show bunnies!
   And let’s not forget about those boys! Goofy, sweet, typical boys that love bikes and rolling around on the ground.
   We had such an amazing time photographing this! They hauled the camper to the studio, backed it up, we set up shop, and I just melted in to the background like a fly on the wall with my camera as they played games, giggled, poked fun, and enjoyed life together.

michigan family photographer renovated shasta trailer .jpg
michigan family photographer retro trailer photoshoot.jpg
renovated shasta camper shastra trailer vintage camper michigan family photographer.jpg
port huron michigan family photographer.jpg
vintage family love michigan family photographer.jpg
pin up vintage family photoshoot outdoor famiy love mother daughter photographer michigan family photographer.jpg
outdoor vintage family photoshoot port huron michigan family photographer.jpg
4-H fair show bunnies michigan photographer.jpg
4-H fair show bunnies retro family photoshoot family michigan photographer.jpg
outdoor retro family photoshoot michigan family photographer.jpg
fun outdoor family photoshoot michigan love photographer.jpg
vintage outdoor family photoshoot michigan family photographer camper family love.jpg
outdoor family fun photoshoot retro.jpg
port huron michigan family photographer  .jpg
renovated shasta camper family photoshoot.jpg
michigan pin up photographer retro love photoshoot .jpg

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