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Health Coach Mel for Spicy Roots

This was such a fun project! I love sitting down with people, hearing about their goals, their visions, but more importantly I LOVE hearing about their dreams. It's literally a high for me. Grab a cup of coffee, get be a notebook, and you have no clue what’s about to happen. Mel is the same way so when we got together for our first meeting, ideas exploded.

She came to be when her business was brand new, ready to brand it and look professional right off the bat. SO SO smart of her!
When we sat down we talked about colors, branding, image, and most importantly- how she wanted to help people. Because at the end of the day, that’s EXACTLY what Mel does. She helps people. She helps them get organized, get healthy, and honestly, stay sane with concentration on mind, body, and soul.
See what we did for her here, hitting on the 4 main focuses of her business:
professionalism and personable
strengthening your body
paying attention to your overall health
feeding your soul and mind
This girl is going places. 

Check her out at:


Headshot and Commercial Photographer- Port Huron, MI


I'm Wide Awake | Stylized Winter Session

I'm Wide Awake | Stylized Winter Session

Very rarely do I get time to do something for me. We were in the middle of moving, life was crazier than it had been in months, it was the worst time to take two seconds out of my day to just play. That's when I KNEW this session was something I HAD to do. You should never be too busy to do things that are good for your soul.Taylor and I had been planning this session for a few weeks, waiting for the weather to break, waiting for me to make the feather jacket for her wardrobe, waiting on everything to be perfect. Another lesson that I learned during this- If you always wait for things to be "perfect" you will never do them. So on a a 20 degree, windy, winter day we headed out to capture a vision I had swirling in my mind. It felt so good to let go, be me, have no expectations, no results I HAD to get. It was just me, my model, and the camera. This is by far one of my favorite sessions I have EVER done. I find that when I am truly allowed to let go, I fall in love with my craft all over again. As time passes this year I am learning "photography" all over again. I am learning ME all over again, and it feels refreshing. I know not everyone will follow me on this journey, and that's ok, but I want you to take a look at what it looks like before you turn back:

Special thanks to Taylor, my beautiful model, for helping me bring my vision to life and for providing the remaining wardrobe. You allowed me to feel alive again.... that means more to me than you can ever imagine.


Photographed in Fort Gratiot, MI   |   AJBC Photography 2014

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