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A Great Gatsby Inspired Michigan Wedding at Tollanders Tree Farm


A Great Gatsby Inspired Michigan Wedding at Tollanders Tree Farm

A Great Gatsby Inspired Wedding

saying "i do" with flapper dresses and moonshine

port huron michigan wedding photographer vintage wedding.jpg

    Erica and Cory. They are nothing short of perfect for each other. They are the definition of soulmates. And they are 2 of the kindest, most caring, creative people you will ever meet. And always happy. They are always smiling.

    Diamonds, feathers, teacups, and cupcakes. Flapper girls and classy women.

   Moonshine, cigars, suspenders, and bow ties. Prohibition men and trouble making boys.

   This is the world you are about to step in to and it’s nothing short of fabulous. It’s above and beyond what you ever envision on your wedding day, or any day. It’s a beautifully choreographed day of love put together by the two main stars of the night.

   This was such a magical day to be a part of, and let’s be honest, it’s 100% a photographer’s dream. This is the stuff magazines and Pinterest is made of! This is the wedding everyone wants and tries for but falls short because they don’t pay close enough attention to details or they are just not willing to put their all into everything they do.

   This was 8 hours of dress up, 8 hours of fun and games, 8 hours of stepping back in time and celebrating love, sass and class with laughing, crying, dancing, drinking, and beautiful stories being shared.

   Now watch as we tell you their story through photographs-

bride first look photoshoot.jpg
bridesmaids bride groom mother daughter love.jpg
outdoor summer michigan wedding port huron michigan wedding photographer.jpg
michigan vintage wedding photographer.jpg
michigan vintage wedding reception.jpg
mother father dance wedding photographer .jpg
outdoor summer vintage wedding.jpg
father daughter dance michigan wedding photographer.jpg
groomsmen drinking whiskey smoking cigars outdoor vintage wedding michigan wedding photographer.jpg
vintage wedding love flapper dresses suspenders.jpg
vintage barn wedding photographer.jpg
port huron michigan wedding photographer.jpg
detail shots wedding photography michigan.jpg
vintage themed summer wedding michigan wedding photographer .jpg
tollander tree farm michigan wedding michigan wedding photographer.jpg
summer michigan wedding photographer.jpg
vintage wedding dress michigan wedding photographer.jpg
tree farm wedding summer wedding vintage wedding .jpg
vintage themed outdoor michigan wedding photographer.jpg
1920s themed wedding michigan wedding photographer.jpg
reciting vows bride and groom love michigan wedding photographer.jpg
bride and groom love vintage wedding michigan photographer.jpg
ajbc photography detroit michigan wedding photographer.jpg
walking down the isle outdoor michigan vintage wedding.jpg
bride and grom say i do.jpg
outdoor michigan wedding photographer bride and groom saying i do.jpg
bride and groom first kiss.jpg
vintage outdoor barn wedding.jpg
detail ring shots michigan wedding photographer.jpg
best man speech michigan wedding photographer.jpg
wedding ceremony photos michigan wedding photographer.jpg
outdoor wedding ceremony vintage michigan wedding.jpg
wedding reception michigan wedding photographer.jpg
bride and groom first dance michigan wedding photographer.jpg
bride and father first dance wedding photography.jpg
groom and mother first dance wedding photographer.jpg
bridal party photos michigan wedding photographer.jpg
family wedding photography.jpg
wedding photography is vintage barn .jpg
bride and groom first look michigan wedding photographer.jpg
bride and groom in barn wedding photography michigan.jpg
bride and groom wedding photography port huron michigan.jpg
bride and groom in vintage barn michigan wedding photographer.jpg

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Marysville Rustic Summer Wedding


Marysville Rustic Summer Wedding

A beautiful Summer Wedding in Michigan

the classiest rustic themed wedding you've ever seen

wedding ring and flowers michigan wedding.jpg

   It’s a hot summer morning, the sun is baking the Earth, and hidden behind a hotel door is 2 rooms full of beautiful girls running back and forth in oversized button down shirts with flawless hair and makeup.
   In the middle of them stands a Bride... calm, stunning, and smiling.
   A few doors down holds a room full of men, standing, fully dressed, relaxed, with a bottle of Jack pulling the room together on the bathroom sink. Amongst them is a quiet and handsome Groom.
   It’s Avery and Randy’s Wedding Day and we’ve just arrived at the hotel, right before everyone does the finishing touches and we leave to have the Bride and Groom see each other for the first time.
   The First Look between Avery and Randy was something that looked as though it was pulled from a fairy tale, and the First Look Avery did with her Father was nothing short of a fairy tale as well.
   The family piled in and out as we did Family Portraits, right before leaving for Bridal Party pictures.
   The boys teased Randy as they all took turns getting photographed with him for the big day. The girls stayed cool in the AC. After the boys showed off their best poses and bombarded Randy we got the girls out and it was their turn. Every single girl different, every single girl stunning. We photographed them 2 at a time while the rest fussed over Avery’s dress and their good / bad sides in between shots.
   Right before leaving everyone climbed up a hill, heels flying, and we got the whole crew together.
   The ceremony was lighthearted and personal with Randy and Avery reading their own vows out loud, which lead right in to an amazing reception. After dinner we watched the emotional dances between father and daughter, and son and mother. If you want to cry with people you’ve just met- watch these dances up close and feel their emotion spill out of them...
   It’s something that gets me every time, and I always walk away feeling so privileged that I am there, witnessing that moment,  and so thankful we were asked to be a part of this day and allow it to stand the test of time through photographs.

port huron michigan wedding photographer.jpg
Marysville Wedding at Alexanders Hall Michigan.jpg
michigan wedding photographer.jpg
bride with bridesmaids getting ready photos.jpg
bride to be photos port huron michigan.jpg
bride getting ready photos.jpg
beautiful bride getting ready photos.jpg
bride to be getting ready photos.jpg
gorgeous bride wedding photographer.jpg
groom getting ready photos port huron michigan photographer.jpg
detroit michigan wedding photographer.jpg
groomsmen getting ready photos.jpg
michigan groom wedding photos.jpg
first look bride to be photos.jpg
first look bride and groom photos michigan wedding.jpg
bride a groom first look photos.jpg
first look bride and groom photos.jpg
michigan summer wedding photography.jpg
outdoor summer michigan wedding.jpg
bride and fathers first look photos.jpg
father daughter first look wedding photography.jpg
family wedding photgrapher.jpg
family wedding photography port huron michigan.jpg
michigan wedding reception family photos.jpg
bride and grandpa wedding photos.jpg
bride and maid of honor photos.jpg
gorgeous bride outdoor michigan wedding.jpg
gorgeous bride detroit michigan wedding.jpg
fun groomsmen photos michigan.jpg
the groom before the wedding outdoor wedding port huron michigan.jpg
best man wedding photos michigan wedding.jpg
groomsmen before the wedding photos.jpg
outdoor summer lake huron wedding photographer.jpg
cute bride and groom photos.jpg
cute outdoor wedding photography michigan.jpg
michigan wedding photographer groom and bridesmaids.jpg
michigan summer wedding cute bridesmaid photos.jpg
michigan wedding groomsmen and bride photos.jpg
lake huron michigan family wedding photographer.jpg
port huron michigan wedding reception photographer.jpg
just married wedding photos.jpg
maid of honor speech michigan wedding.jpg
cute outdoor michigan wedding.jpg
port huron wedding photographer first dance.jpg
michigan wedding bride and grooms first dance.jpg
bride and groom first dance photography.jpg
father daughter dance michigan wedding photographer.jpg
detroit michigan wedding photographer father daughter dance.jpg
wedding photography father daughter love.jpg
mother son love michigan wedding photography.jpg
groom and mother dance wedding photography.jpg
michigan wedding photographer mother son dance.jpg
bride and groom wedding cake.jpg
wedding cake bride and groom photos.jpg
garder toss michigan wedding photographer.jpg
bouquet toss wedding photography.jpg
gorgeous wedding ring photo.jpg

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A His and Hers Engagment Session


A His and Hers Engagment Session

An outdoor engagement session-

from the forest to the city streets

michigan summer engagement photos in the woods.jpg

   Meet Marisa and Craig- the most adorable couple that have nothing in common.
   Ok, that’s a total lie. But if you ask them strictly how they feel about the outdoors, well, then, it’s partially true. haha
   As we all know, relationships are about sacrifices and getting outside of our comfort zones, or for Marisa getting outside, like really outside....  Craig loves the outdoors. He’s happy in the woods. Actually- if he had his way we would have photographed this whole thing outdoors in the middle of winter, but... time wouldn’t allow us to do that, since we are photographing their wedding in a few short months! Marisa, who told us the woods was NOT her thing, trusted me though when I told her it would be worth the struggle to get some amazing shots... while also making her future hubby pretty happy.
   He was pretty impressed with her as she trudged through tall, picky grass, laid with bugs, and sat down right in the middle of the dirty woods. So when we switched things up and went downtown, Marisa was in her element and we looked for Craig to found that common ground. Spinning around the city streets in her dress and dancing, Craig held her hand the whole way.
   Their chemistry together is adorable. They connect on a level where it doesn’t matter if their interests clash... because they have everything else to offer each other, like love, respect, friendship, and a bond I know is unbreakable and meant to be.
   Learn from them. Love each other. Accept others differences and tightly embrace what brings you together.

detroit michigan engagement wedding summer photographer.jpg
michigan engagement photographer.jpg
michigan outdoor egagement wedding photographer.jpg
port huron michigan outdoor engagement photos.jpg
port huron michigan summer engagement photographer.jpg
michigan outdoor engagement photoshoot.jpg
downtown port huron couples photoshoot.jpg
downtown port huron engagement photos.jpg
ajbc photography port huron michigan couples photographer.jpg
outdoor couples photographer downtown port huron .jpg

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Girlfriend + Boyfriend turn Fiances in front of my lens- Port Huron Engagement Photographer


Girlfriend + Boyfriend turn Fiances in front of my lens- Port Huron Engagement Photographer

12 years ago Chris and I sat in Art Class together in high school, talking about things that probably weren’t important but made us laugh. These days we talk on the phone about how he’s met the girl of his dreams and she has no idea he wants to propose to her during a photo shoot with me. We still laugh, but it’s about more serious things, like when he says, “If she says no, this will probably be the only time you will see a grown man beg, but just keep shooting.”

The big day comes and we meet at the top of Beards Hill. Chris pulls up in his huge welding truck. Becca hops out of her huge truck- beautiful, curly auburn hair, white dress, finished off with cowboy boots. It’s obvious Chris has met his match.

She thinks we’re just here to get nice pictures of the two of them; he knows his life is about to change once we get to the bottom of the hill and I give him the signal.

port-huron-michigan-engagement-photographer 2.jpg

It rains on and off the whole time. We have the whole hills to ourselves and hide out under the canopies. When we reach the bottom the rain kicks up the mist, but this is the moment, and nothing else matters. We convince her this will probably be our last stop, and to just wait while we get everything set up.

My assistant Taylor and I decide we’re going to perch them on top of a big rock jutting out of the water and proceed to take awkward photos of ourselves, as we always do, to check our light. We giggle the whole time thinking, "I know something you don't know!" on top of being so excited for Chris. When everything is set, we have them come out and get “posed.”

Chris knows his cue- I tell him to “pose” on one knee. Becca looks at me and at him as if that’s the most awkward pose I could suggest until… the ring comes out.


After that there was a lot of yelling, squealing, laughing, kissing, and hugging, but the best part was when she was so in shock she turned around to run away and found herself with nowhere to go on top of the rock.
Here's a taste of what we mean..

Live Proposal during Photoshoot in Port Huron, MI

It was a beautiful moment to watch unfold. To be asked to be a part of it was truly magical. You can’t help but smile the whole time, to the point of your cheeks hurting.


We ended the shoot right where we started, back on top of the hill. Many others wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between the shots, but they will always be able to. It’s the moment they went from being boyfriend and girlfriend, to an engaged couple, soon to be husband and wife, forever. 


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