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One year celebration in Goodells Park


One year celebration in Goodells Park

Mickey Mouse style Birthday Party Portraits

Young Family Session by Port Huron Photographer

1 year photoshoot with watermelon michigan child photographer.jpg

   Mickey Mouse ears and balloons every where! My baby book and playing with Mommy and Daddy. And to top it off- watermelon slices bigger than my head!
     I’m sure these were William’s thoughts the day of his One Year shoot!! I mean, it sounds like a dream day for any little boy turning the big O-N-E!
   We drove out to Goodells Park early in the morning to set up on a cute, old farm house front porch. Only to find the biggest fair of our area was happening- the 4H Fair!   I’ll skip the long version, but to sum it up we drove the 30 mins unknowingly, didn’t have enough cash to pay the entry fee, scrounged up money from our purses and vehicle, rehearsed my sob story, and a very, very nice gentlemen let us into the park for $14, instead of the $40 it should have cost. Thank goodness for good people in this world!
   Once we FINALLY got in the often barren park was FULL of campers, rides, and FARM ANIMALS!
   We had such a nice morning with this little adorable family of 3! We did family portraits, couple portraits and then it was William's time to shine! We busted out the Mickey Mouse ears while he played with balloons and ended the shoot with juicy, huge pieces of watermelon. His little hands and mouth were determined to take it all on and it ended in the stickiest, wettest, cutest mess you’ve ever seen.
   Take a look!
   Oh, and of course afterwards we went a looked at all the cute farm animals, because, honestly, who could resist?! 

port huron michigan child photographer watermelon photoshoot.jpg
baby eating watermelon photoshoot michigan toddler photographer.jpg
baby eating watermelon 1 year old baby photoshoot michigan portrait photographer.jpg
goodells county park mickey mouse themed 1 year birthday session.jpg
michigan child portrait photographer mickey mouse themed birthday.jpg
port huron michigan 1 year old photographer mickey mouse themed baby photoshoot .jpg

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6 month old Harry Potter Inspired Photoshoot


6 month old Harry Potter Inspired Photoshoot

Pulling Mandrakes at Hogwarts during Herbology Class

followed by

Paper Boy style Vintage Portraits

baby mandrake session.jpg
“Mandrake, or Mandragora, is used to return those who have been transfigured to their original state. It’s also quite dangerous. The Mandrake’s cry is fatal to anyone who hears it.”
— Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets

   I am (and not so secretly, may I add) obsessed with Harry Potter. I mean, I flew all the way to Europe just to go to The Studio Tour and took a special trip to Florida not for the sunshine, but specifically for The Wizarding World. I don’t think it’s becoming a problem in my day to day life, but I can’t be too sure. haha
   Nicki, little Corbin’s mom equally loves HP and wanted to do a 2 part session for his 6 (ish) month session. So we did a Mandrake syle set up just for her, and an adorable vintage set for the rest of the family to enjoy.
   We set him up in our slightly over grown (we’ve been busy, ok!) garden and made a little version of the Herbology classroom. Corbin did GREAT! He even munched on some greens for the full experience. What a stinker.
   I was sad when I had to tear down the set, so the sign still stands in my garden!
   Next Mom changed him into adorable little old man suspenders and a cap and we went out and just sat in the tall grass in the back of the studio and played with all the old things I collect as a hobby and blame it on my job so I can keep collecting. Again, he did amazing. His cute, different expression... we captured so many different sides to him!

harry potter themed photoshoot.jpg
herbology themed child session.jpg
baby mandrake session port huron michigan 6 month old photographer.jpg
port huron michigan toddler photographer.jpg
harry potter themed toddler photoshoot michigan child photographer.jpg
port huron michigan vintage 6 month old portraits.jpg
vintage toddler photoshoot port huron michigan child photographer .jpg

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Memphis High School Senior Session


Memphis High School Senior Session

open spaces at sunset-
a freeing Senior Session

A new mom celebrates life and Senior year with her family

outdoor senior photoshoot girl in flowers summer photoshoot memphis high school senior photographer.jpg

   A family of 3 walk in to my studio. Mom is a Senior in High School and coming to plan her Senior Session. Dad is here to be supportive and take care of little baby girl so Mom can have her time. And baby girl just lays there with those big eyes that make you melt. I instantly fall in love with them as a family, and then we take beautiful portraits together.

    I guess that’s the shortened version of this whole story, and straight to the point- I just adore these guys!

    Paige is so impressive. She’s in the busiest stage of her life as she is about to graduate from high school, she power lifts and does cross fit, and on top of all that she’s a fantastic mom (and new fiancé- yay!)

   Paige had two requests for her session.
First and most important for her portraits- that feeling of being Free.
Something light, whimsical, open spaces.
Second- incorporating her mom's (who had passed) Senior portrait in to her session.

    At a time where most Seniors are going through phases of thinking about themselves first, it seemed that Paige’s attention would always shift from herself back to her family. I wanted her to take this moment for herself, to take time to celebrate her, because at no matter what age, mom’s need and deserve that. This was HER time to shine. It was OK to JUST think about herself. But I get it now. When some Senior’s want to include their sports, hobbies, cars, instruments because it’s what’s most important to them at the time and represents who they are, that’s exactly what Paige wanted to do too, incorporate what meant the most to her at this stage in her life. So I let her.

   And this is the amazing beauty that happened...

port huron michigan senior photographer.jpg
outdoor grungy senior girl photoshoot memphis michigan senior photographer.jpg
grungy outdoor senior photoshoot michigan senior girl photographer.jpg
memphis high school senior girl photoshoot outdoor senior session michigan photographer.jpg
detroit michigan senior photographer.jpg
gorgeous senior photoshoot golden hour family outdoor photoshoot michigan family photographer.jpg
outdoor family photoshoot detroit michigan family photographer.jpg
port huron michigan family photographer gorgeous outdoor family session michigan photographer.jpg
outdoor family photoshoot in field mother daughter love port huron michigan family photographer.jpg
outdoor family photoshoot mother daughter breastfeeding in field detroit michigan family photographer.jpg
beautiful golden hour senior photoshoot girl in field senior girl in gorgeous dress michigan senior photographer.jpg

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