This year my husband and I, along with some of our close friends, are invited to a Christmas party thats sole purpose is to showcase ugly Christmas sweaters and bad gifts.
I can't think of a better way to celebrate the holidays!
So to prepare, we first searched for the perfect outfits and accessories. Once that was so gracefully accomplished we decided we needed to display our new fashion sense in a portrait session. I set up the backdrop in my house, put the camera on a tripod, we posed awkwardly, and laughed and laughed about how amazing we looked.
We had such a good time that I decided it was necessary that I share the wealth and offer this photo session to the public.

Brilliant! These sessions were so much fun! No one can be taken seriously when they are willingly dressed in something that smells probably just as bad as it looks and fits just as good as it probably feels.
The couple who invited us to their party actually came to get their portraits done (the extremely attractive couple on the top.) The other couple that signed up (and brought 2 more to join in on the fun) just had me photograph their gorgeous country themed wedding (the striking 2 couples to your right.) I couldn't have asked for better people to sign up for this shoot. Fun people willing to step outside the box, try something different, and just enjoy themselves, which makes my job so much more amusing! For example, when I ask both of them, "Would you like to make these nice pictures, just with ugly sweaters, or would you like the whole thing to just look as awkward as possible," and they answer confidently with, "awkward." :)
Yes, I like to produce great portraits for people to hold close to their hearts forever, but a huge goal of mine is for them to enjoy the whole process, not just the final product. I want them to have fun during a session so they can look back on the photos and remember that day as a good day, and not just something they were drug to.
So here's to enjoying life, all the time. Here's to enjoying the holidays, even during the chaos.
And here's to enjoying those who surround you, even when they are dressed in smelly, old sweaters.