Well. It's officially over. The days of everyone wanting their family portraits taken outside has slowed down tremendously and has almost come to a complete stand still. 

I've noticed the Photography schedule goes as follows- 

-The weather breaks and people start to get excited about being outside. 
-June comes and people don't want to miss out on their chance in the sunshine so they start scheduling appointments. 
-The weather starts to get crisp and there is an even bigger mad dash to get those last minute shots with the fall colors. Everyone seems to favor the beautiful, changing, dying leaves the best. What an ironic concept. I must admit though, I agree with them. Nothing beats those bright oranges and reds! 
-November rolls around and the few last minute shoppers and stragglers see if its possible to fit them in and then BOOM! 
-The holiday rush hits. 
-There will be those selective few who decide to brave out the outdoor sessions in the cold, but for the most part, everyone is now focused on Christmas. Christmas decor, Portraits for Christmas gifts, set ups for Christmas cards, and the list goes on. 

As the holiday rush rises, the ages of my clients lower. Everyone wants a timeless picture of their little one posed in a basket next to a tree or with an oversized candy cane. It's just something about adults and glittery Christmas bulbs scattered around them that just doesn't do the trick. And the best part about that is that because these little ones are under 3 ft tall I can virtually make a setup for them anywhere. 
For now, until my studio is complete (and yes, it's the same studio that started 2 years ago that still isn't finished, but by January, that will no longer be true!) I am shooting right inside my home, in my kitchen. Right in front of the kitchen sink and next to the refrigerator to be exact. 

But for now- it works. 
And for now- I'll do whatever it takes to deliver a product to people that they will gift to their families, that they will display on their wall for all to see, and that they will cherish forever. 

A.J.B.C. Photography 2011