A journey of self discovery.
A fight with fate and life.
A celebration of hope and freedom.

Turn your volume up to watch the still film and hear the poem recited with it to bring everything together.

Below are the individual images that make up the still film above along with the poem written out for you (still film is a term I made up for these projects I LOVE to create- still photography images put in to motion to make a film paired with an original poem written and recited by myself for this project.) Enjoy!

detroit michigan photographer.jpg

I wasn’t born here.
But somehow these weathered boards grew around me like a womb.

port huron michigan artistic photoshoot.jpg

And it’s not that I adored them.
It’s just that my body ached with the idea of stepping out in to daylight at high noon.

port huron michigan artistic photographer.jpg

I fought to be safe.
I fought to be sheltered.
I fought to avoid false hope.
And I fought to be unaltered.

artistic model photoshoot.jpg

Translates in to :

double exposure photoshoot.jpg

I fought to be hidden.
I fought to be trapped.
I fought to know darkness.
And I fought to know lack.

artistic photoshoot in abandoned home michigan.jpg

Lack of freedom.
Lack of fresh air.
Lack of warmth.
Lack of determination to care.

abadoned building port huron michigan.jpg

I remember first walking into the house.
I had told myself I wouldn’t stay long, just long enough to avoid the storm they had told me about.

michigan artisitic photographer.jpg

But day after day, the storm never came.
It was like they had purposefully lied to me to keep me the same.

What if I die here?

detroit abandoned building photoshoot.jpg

This cloak fits me perfectly like a coffin fitted just for my body.

Coffins are safe, and they are clean.
But they also get buried 10 feet down in to the dirty ground by men who hang out with death as a hobby.

michigan abadoned building photography.jpg

I chose to step out.
I chose to feel the hate.
I chose open spaces.
And I chose to fight fate with fate.

port huron michigan beauty photographer.jpg

And I said to myself- I wasn’t born here.
But this field welcomes me like a moth to a flame.

port huron michigan high school senior.jpg

To get sucked in by the beauty
And melt in to that dream just the same.

outdoor summer photoshoot detroit michigan.jpg

Dirt under my toes, wind in my hair.
Like a wild bird flying south just to get a taste of what’s out there.

michigan beauty photoshoot.jpg
abandoned house photoshoot michigan.jpg

And that’s when the panic sank in.

outdoor artistic photoshoot in port huron michigan.jpg

Just like a boat the moment it realizes the storm that it’s in.

detroit michigan artistic photography.jpg

But unlike a boat I could run from this storm.
I could hide in the woods from the reality of the unborn.

outdoor beauty photoshoot port huron michigan.jpg

I didn’t have to sink, I didn’t have to swim. I could go back to port and confess my sins.

Dark Beauty teen Photoshoot Michigan.jpg

Yes, oh dear god, yes I know I shouldn’t have left.
I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to start a big mess.

artisic abandoned home photoshoot.jpg

But it’s ok, right? It’s ok if I go back?
There’s still time for me to get swallowed by the bleached walls of that shack…

There’s still time for me to die there.

port huron high senior photos.jpg

Epiphany is a beautiful thing.

lexington michigan photographer.jpg

It comes at that exact moment when you aren’t thinking anything.

port huron michigan outdoor beauty photoshoot.jpg

That moment when you see truth, and death, and light all at the same time.

michigan artistic photographer.jpg

And you look down at yourself and realize everything will be just fine.

outdoor grunge photoshoot.jpg

I was born here.

running in the fields photoshoot.jpg

The blue sky reflecting in my eyes just as the ocean does to the midnight sky.

michigan outdoor wedding photographer.jpg
outdoor artistic photoshoot.jpg

Just as houses crumble in the wake of the fire- they are learning

port huron high school senior photoshoot.jpg
port huron michigan wedding photographer.jpg

And me. I am burning.

outdoor beauty wedding photography michigan.jpg

A Deeper Look:

Behind the Scenes on a Michigan Indie Film Project.jpg

Poetry and Art can be a an overly expressive thing. I find that I create pieces with images and words BEFORE my brain can even process WHY I am doing it. EVERY time I think I just have a really unique idea and by the time I am done, I've learned something new about myself.

This is about a personal journey of growing. The dark dramatic spin is just there to pack an extra punch.
My assistant and my model really helped me grow the concept here. I wanted to show a woman fighting to get out of this drab house and it was the model who mentioned we should show the emotional progression through clothing. It was perfect.

But think about your life and how you build walls around yourself that you think are there to keep you safe, and in all reality, sometimes they are just limiting you, or crushing you. "That" idea you have, you know, THAT one.... when you first have the thought, you feel limitless... you feel like you have broken down those walls but there's ALWAYS that voice of panic, there's always that voice of "reason" that tells you to be responsible, rethink everything, take a step back. And once many of us hit that stage, there's no going back. We run away from "that" idea. We sink back in to what we are used to and we will, all dramatics aside, die there.  This still film is what it feels like when you take that leap of fate and run. And keep running. And live.

Check out the actual short FILM we made as a trailer
for this still film!!

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