Every artist reaches a point in their career where they feel like they finally understand themselves.I say artist, and not photographer, bc I was not born a photographer. I did no start this company bc I liked all the buttons on my camera. I didn't start AJBC bc I  loved putting up backdrops.

I truly believe I was born an artist. A maker of things. A collector of memories. A traveler. An explorer. An Imaginative.

I started photographing bc I loved creating. It just so happens that the first thing I understood about myslef as an artist is that my main medium would be photography. Many of you ask why I am AJBC. Well, bc, that's literally who I am. It's my initials. Before I was married I would paint, do pottery, draw, and I would sign everything AJB. When I got married I felt bad dropping the B, everyone knew my art name as AJB, so I just added the C for Carufel, making me AJBC.

For those of you who knew me before AJBC was "official" I did a 365. It was fun, it was care free, it was edgy. I did things that not everyone liked, I portrayed things in my photographs that I would never really do- and I LOVED IT. And I've been told by a lot of people that they loved it too. A LOT of people started booking with me bc of my self portrait 365 project. Somewhere in there I got shy. I got worried about what people thought. I thought I had to give them what they wanted, when in reality, people came to me in the beginning bc I was just doing what was me, what I loved, and that was being an artist.

Now that I've been AJBC in the photography world I've photographed almost everything you can think of. Newborns, babies, weddings, events, pets, couples, seniors, families and the list goes on and on. I use to think it was cool that I could do it all. Then I realized- I don't like doing it all- and that's ok!

As 2014 grows I notice myself really, really finding a path, and staying on it. It's a path less traveled, and I like that. It's a path that many may find uncomfortable and turn around, it's a skinny path that may not allow room for everyone. But if you're daring enough to walk with me on this path, what you will see is everything those people who turned around didn't, you'll see a beautiful view at the end that you worked so hard to see.

So what am I saying? I know I talk a lot. I type a lot. But what am I really saying? I guess I'm saying everything that I said before, about how we are taking things up a notch, except I really mean it this time. Things are about to get real. And for the first time in my career, I'm not doing it for anyone except myself. I know that sounds selfish, and I'll be honest, it mildly is, but as an artist, I can ONLY produce my BEST work for YOU, if I'm doing what I love.

Everything in between is just... everything in between. And I'm not cool with just being in between everything.

SO. As of TODAY I'm shedding my layers. It's a new season for me.

AJBCPhotography_PortHuron_MI_creative_portrait Welcome. Enjoy. Walk with me.

Don't turn around on me. I promise the view is worth it.