I can't believe I had forgotten to share this beautiful, amazing woman with you!!This is my AMAZING stylist, Jen. She's the talent behind many of my images. I love having someone I can 100% trust for my clients. It's always so exciting when a beautiful woman walks through my door and I know they are going to shine even brighter after they are done getting their hair and makeup done with Jen. I also have trusted her for the last 10 years with all of my own persona haircuts, from first seeing her and asking her to help me grow out a disaster, to 10 years later asking her what she thought about shaving half my head and her smiling saying- I think you can pull it off. She has a way of taking what you want- and making it better. It was so fun to see her on the other side of this experience!! We had a wonderful time, right in her own home, creating something soft and natural for her indoors, to then moving outside and doing something FUN and sassy- I love versatile girls with no fear ;)

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