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Life and Health Coach Expresses New Identity thru Photoshoot


Life and Health Coach Expresses New Identity thru Photoshoot

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Health. Passion. Harmony. Motivation. LIFE.

Melissa Snyder is an Emotional Mastery Coach. 
 Yeah. You heard right. 
 Not a life coach, not health coach… you’ve heard that before, and a lot of time those old systems don’t work. Melissa combines her extensive knowledge of, well, damn near everything, and has made a beautiful business to help you work towards your true north thru goal setting, working through emotions, understanding your health, and more.

She’s currently going through a rebrand moving from Spicy Roots Health Coaching to Melissa Snyder Coaching. I love it when business grow up!

 Melissa signed up for my business coaching as well, so together we have been working through what her brand and mission looks like physically and what it feels like emotionally. 
 It was so hard, she truly touches on some deeply inspirational and power stuff through her sessions, but I think the visuals we created do a beautiful job of representing what she does fully and artistically.

If you need help changing your life in a way that feels organic yet strong, Melissa is your answer. You can find her on facebook, instagram, and the web. Be sure to check both Spicy Roots and Melissa Snyder Coaching as she works through this transformation!

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A photoshoot with icebergs

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A photoshoot with icebergs

Native vibes in the middle of winter

Photography on the frozen shores of Lake Huron

   It was below freezing, winds over 20 mph, and I decided to take a drive to the beach. Something just pulled me there.
   If you find yourself in Michigan in the winter it's worth it to drive to the shores of Lake Huron (by Port Huron, we're on the East Side of the state) and check out the beach. You never know what you'll find. Open water, flat ice, old snow and sand mixed together, frozen pieces floating down with the current, little ice caves, or huge "icebergs" from where the waves just keep crashing up on shore, freezing into these huge mounds. Every year is different and unique.
   Our version of icebergs and icecaps are what I found that day. The little video above shows you what I stumbled upon.
   I parked my jeep and headed towards the beach. The wind hitting my face was more than cold, it was almost as if it was forcing me to close my eyes while it slapped me across the face. I could see the wind also making huge waves that were hitting the ice so hard they were flying up over the tops of them, at least 15+ feet in the air. I knew I didn't want to stay long, but I knew I HAD to come back. You can't see natural beauty like that and let it go unnoticed.

frozen back in Port Huron Michigan Lake Huron

   A few days later my assistants and I piled back in the jeep and headed back to the beach. With all my camera gear strapped to my back the girls also had an overwhelming amount a fur. We decided we wanted to all be wearing vintage fur coats for the shoot.
   Less than 2 minutes there we start exploring the area and Taylor falls in. One wrong step and she's up to her knee in water. She's done for. One thing you should know about the frozen shores of our beaches- they are unpredictable. They might look like they've been frozen for months but mother nature can cause miracles overnight.
   Taylor takes off to warm her toes and Elores and I stay out to get a few shots.
   This glamorous vision of expensive fur coats in front of this ice quickly turned to something more organic, more native, almost tribal. Elores started to take on this wild, mountain woman feel and we just ran with that. Take a look.

port huron michigan outdoor photographer lake huron beauty photographer ice bergs beach photoshoot .jpg
port huron michigan winter beauty photographer lake huron frozen beach.jpg
michigan winter photoshoot ice berg frozen shoreline photoshoot native woman photoshoot outdoor beauty winter beauty model.jpg
port huron michigan winter photoshoot fort gratiot park frozen shore line photoshoot winter beauty.jpg
lake huron photoshoot fort gratiot park photoshoot port huron michigan photographer native woman winter model winter beauty ice bergs .jpg
michigan winter photoshoot lake huron frozen shorelines photography ice bergs winter beauty model .jpg

   We did swap places for a second, Elores getting some shots of me (that I edited back in the studio later) before we ran back to the Jeep. I ripped off my coats (yes it was so cold I was wearing 2) down to my tank and wrapped myself up in the blanket, which was actually incredibly warm, and I just lived in that moment, in the sunshine and cool air, while she snapped a few photos.

port huron michigan beauty photographer winter photoshoot lake huron frozen shoreline photoshoot ice bergs beauty portraits.jpg
michigan outdoor beauty photographer lake huron frozen shoreline photoshoot michigan portrait photographer ice bergs beauty model .jpg

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