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   It’s been said before having a business is like having a child. Anyone who has started their own business from absolutely nothing can probably relate. There’s so much dreaming and discovery to do, along with growing pains and the long nights of- am I doing this right? It’s exactly like raising a child.
   It’s in the moments when everything we have worked so hard for, all day long, all night long, come together and come alive that we know we made the right choice and those moments should be celebrated as a professional!
   Kelsey at 146 Press has literally built a business with her own hands- sawing, sanding, grinding, and nailing a future for herself. Last year she finally got a dedicated space for her craft where she can build, work, and host events out of. And it’s adorable. Yes, it has that feel of walking into a creative space because there’s old brushes, paint cans, and used drop cloths laying out but it also feels like a personable space that you want to shop in because it has a lot of her signs and shirts that she sells.

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   Just like you would photograph your child on their milestones she wanted to capture this milestone in her business. As big as it feels for her right now, I’m glad she did this at this time, because with how talented and independent she is, I’m sure it’s going to grow and change before her eyes and this will be a beautiful moment to look back on to say- this is where it all started. This was just as much a business shoot as it was a personal shoot for her, but truly, any of us that have full passion for our business do take it to a personal level, so that’s no surprise.

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  We made the drive out to her shop where we started with a “clean” set, showing off her as a business woman in her creative space. She’s like the Michigan Version of Joanna Gaines and we wanted to showcase that!
   The second set was our “dirty” set where we dove into her actual craft, letting the sawdust fly, the paints come out!
   I feel like as a creative the “clean” version can be the side we forget we have and the “dirty” version is the side no one actually sees but we spend most of our time here!

That’s why these Professional Branding shoots are so needed- your clients and people watching your work want to see both of those sides and they are greatly intrigued by what happens behind the scenes!

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   I don’t know many women who do wood working so it was super impressive for me to see this young woman running a table saw, grinding metal down on her work with sparks flying, and just watching the process of what she does unfold- this is the side you should be sharing with people, because it’s impressive!

   Showing an inside look into your business also helps create a connection between you and the people you may never get to meet in person, which is ever so important in business!

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   Now 146 Press has new, fresh images for their website, social media, marketing material, and more that shows this isn’t a hobby, this isn’t a cute arts and craft thing she does when she’s bored, this is a chic, put together professional business ran by a woman who’s independent, strong, and is aware of the level she’s creating at, and it’s a professional one.

  Don’t confuse your clients using low quality cell phone pics to show off the high quality business you’ve worked so hard to build... have the visual representation be just as professional as the physical one you've built.

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