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Senior Portraits or Fashion Model Portfolio? You decide.

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Senior Portraits or Fashion Model Portfolio? You decide.

Port Huron Senior Photoshoot
Shot in Summer and Fall

Senior Session that screams both
fashion and everyday beauty

michigan fashion model photographer black and white portraits .jpg

   As a senior photographer, I always encourage clients to own their style and show off who they are right now. Things will change in one way or another down the road so embrace the here and now. When I saw all of the amazing outfits Madison was bringing for her photoshoot, I knew she would have one of the most stunning & stylish Senior Portrait Photoshoots!! A perfect mix of that fierce high fashion paired with natural background beauty.
   One of the first things you notice about Madison is her spectacular smile and how natural she is in front of the camera. She had 8 different outfits in total over two seasons to express herself in a variety or different locations we had picked out just for her and the vibe she was going for. We started in the studio with her fashion look! Fierce, dramatic and glamorous, which of course she nailed!  
   From dramatic lighting to next natural lighting, we did her next outfit which was this adorable white romper outdoors in a garden of wildflowers. Gorgeous light with beautiful tones of green reflecting off her skin, shooting Madison was too easy!
   We hopped in the car for our next outfit which was down a rocky back road with golden fields. Her look...Heels, and the back roads? Yes, it may not seem like the average combo but there's nothing like strutting your confidence in some heels in any location. There are no rules here ladies!
   After that look we hopped back into in the car and drove to her stable where we met her beautiful horse, Homer, who may have stole the show, but only for a tiny bit! Madison was this elegant yet powerful equestrian rider in her uniform, but every day she was a fun, playful woman who loved her horse!
   We finished up at the stables and then it was time to race to the shores of Lexington. Madison had changed into her fifth outfit which was this chic blue dress for our city girl, downtown look, walking the cobble stone streets..
   And lastly, in casual jeans and a cute off the shoulder top we ended the Summer shoot right on the blue water of Lake Huron. I cannot emphasize how stunning it was as the sun was coming down with the warm tones! The washed out wood, sparking reflections in the lake, mixed with her blonde hair and those eyes... GOSH it was just breath taking. I remember we got the shots we needed but we COULDN'T STOP photographing her.  We ended the evening with the calm sunset off in the distance.

  Keep reading to see how we ended the whole collection with a Fall Shoot! 

port huron northen high school senior model senior fashion senior beauty studio photoshoot fashion photographer.jpg
port huron michigan senior portrait photographer senior beauty senior fashion.jpg
michigan outdoor senior beauty photographer white dress in the woods photoshoot.jpg
port huron equestrian team senior photographer.jpg
raulf lauren fashion senior portraits with her horse michigan equestrian.jpg
lexington michigan senior portrait photographer.jpg
lexington michigan outdoor senior portraits senior beauty senior fashion.jpg
lexington michigan senior fashion portraits on the water lexington docks senior beauty senior fashion.jpg
michigan outdoor senior portrait photographer beauty on the water boho senior look .jpg
boho senior look at lexington michigan harbor best michigan senior photographer.jpg
senior portraits on the water port huron northern senior photoshoot boho senior fashion lexington harbor.jpg

   No doubt Madison nailed everything in Summer, but the colors this Fall were too amazing to pass up and Fall brings a whole new Fashion, so, naturally, we had to finish the year out with all the looks! 
   We started in the studio again because I just couldn't pass up another opportunity to get some fashion forward shots of her! She's a true model. But we eventually ventured outdoors and drove down the road where we actually found this old, falling apart farm trailer, which we "borrowed" just for a few shots, and oh my gosh, they may be my fav shots from this whole collection!
   We ended walking the woods in the back of the studio, down the trails scattered with all the perfect Fall colors, and our grand finale of it all, and the most mesmerizing shot, was having her lay on the ground with her hair fanned out and Fall leaves placed ever so perfectly. Again, we had to tell ourselves we got the shot and force ourselves to stop shooting. 

   This is just a handful of some of the fav images from her NINTY image collection- 90!! Beauty + Fashion + Nature = INCREDIBLE Senior Portraits.  

port huron michigan senior model senior beauty studio session senior fashion.jpg
port huron northern senior photographer outdoor beauty outdoor fashion senior beauty.jpg
port huron high school edgy senior photoshoot beauty fashion outdoor photographer .jpg
best michigan outdoor senior portrait photographer black and white senior fashion senior beauty.jpg
outdoor fall fashion fall senior portraits michigan fall fashion photographer senior beauty .jpg
outdoor senior photoshoot fall fashion fall senior photoshoot fall leaves fall beauty senior fall style outdoor photoshoot best michigan senior portrait photographer.jpg

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Celebrating her Beauty with a Photoshoot

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Celebrating her Beauty with a Photoshoot

Celebrating 20 years of life

Celebrating her body and her confidence

detroit michigan boudoir photographer high fashion photshoot beauty sexy glamour body love .jpg

   Twenty. 20.
   It's a number that's all of exciting, terrifying, and validating. Turning 20 releases you from your teens, springs you into pure adulthood, but also still leaves you young.
   This is Brooke on THE DAY she turned 20.
   I met Brooke a couple of years ago. She messaged me saying she loved to model and wanted to build her portfolio with me, so she booked a shoot and together we did a stunning night shoot and artistic / vintage indoor shoot.
   When she got a hold of me earlier last year saying she wanted to do ANOTHER shoot, I was SO excited! I LOVE working with out of the box people. Since the last shoot she moved to Grand Rapids, so we did all of our meetings over facebook messanger video chat.
   The thing I remember most from that conversation was her saying, "I'm so excited. I just really need a day like this, for me." It stuck out to me because the experience of her getting photographed was just as exciting to her as the portraits she was going to be getting back, which is pretty much my goal. To gift an experience, memoriesAND beautiful portraits that will outlive you.
  It was the morning of, waking up with no stress because hair and makeup was going to be totally taken care of for her, showing up here with her boyfriend and us just cranking the music, having a dance party, and photographing her and how amazing she looked while doing it. It was the custom set we built for her and then encircling her with greens, tule, and fog from dry ice to make her look like a mystical princess. It was ALL of that that made the day great.
   When she came back to the studio for her viewing she then told me about her deeper reason for doing this... that at age 20 she finally felt comfortable and extremely confident in her body and her skin, and she wanted to celebrate that for herself. I don't know if you've ever read MY blog / self portrait session on this EXACT subject, but THAT is what makes me tick, THAT is what makes me get up in the morning- when women STOP saying sorry, STOP being shy, and embrace who they are, are proud of who they are, and they live life and feel good for THEM, and no one else.
   For her viewing she brought her mom, which after you view the rest of her portraits below you can imagine how hard it was for her to see her baby girl all grown up, and she asked, who are you going to show these to? To which Brooke replied- MYSELF! I did this for myself, I just want to look at ME- LOOK AT ME! AH! To know that her and I could work together to give her that moment makes me know I'm where I should be.
   Ladies- You deserve to know what that feels like. Allow Brooke to inspire you and do something great for yourself, so you have images to look back on when you're 60 from when you turned 20 and can say- Damn. That's ME. LOOK AT ME! And I've only gotten better from that day forward. Start a Revolution for yourself! 

port huron michigan beauty photographer dry ice photoshoot beauty magical mystical photoshoot glamour high fashion photographer.jpg
michigan boudoir photographer high fashion photoshoot magical magestic body celebration fog machine photoshoot.jpg
port huron michigan beauty photographer high fashion beauty photographer magical photoshoot dry ice fog photoshoot.jpg
michigan artistic beauty photographer boudoir phootshoot dry ice magical session high fashion model.jpg
port huron michigan boudoir photographer dry ice photoshoot beauty photographer glamour high fashion photographer michigan beauty artistic beauty unique photoshoot.jpg
michigan high fashion photographer model portfolio michigan boudoir photographer sexy beauty studio session .jpg
port huron michigan boudoir photographer sexy beauty high fashion photoshoot.jpg
michigan boudoir photographer sexy beauty high fashion photoshoot model portfolio model photographer.jpg
port huron michigan high fashion photographer boudoir photographer model beauty sexy boudoir photographer.jpg
port huron michigan boudoir photographer beauty studio model portfolio sexy beauty fashion.jpg
port huron michigan high fashion photographer boudoir photoshoot beauty fashion body love glamour sexy photoshoot.jpg
michigan boudoir photographer dry ice photoshoot fog beauty glamour.jpg
port huron michigan beauty photographer sexy glamour fashion high fashion detroit michigan model .jpg
port huron michigan boudoir photographer high fashion beauty sexy body celebration .jpg

And you MUST watch Brooke's short film we put together for her of the whole experience!

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1 year old photoshoot for the magazines


1 year old photoshoot for the magazines

a baby fashion shoot

port huron michigan child photograpy.jpg

   I may be partial, seeing as though I’m friends with this little guy’s parents but- oh my god…. REALLY!? Isn’t he the cutest? He really knows how to work the camera, and the ladies for that matter. I know he had my heart melting!
   My husband scrounged up some old wood out of of yard and we built this teepee for the session. The background is actually a pallet wall we made in our mudroom. I swear- you can shoot anywhere with the right vision! So we took some shots, played the drums, cuddle with Frank (the purple monkey) and then changed.
   Outfit 2- can you say HELLO Baby Gap! I can’t tell is this is his music video debut or his first tv commercial. Man does Maasai make 1 year old look good!
   See what I mean-

london ontario family photoshoot.jpg
port huron michigan toddler fashion.jpg
port huron michigan baby boy photographer.jpg
london ontario little kid in a teepee.jpg
little kid fashion shoot.jpg
one year old boy photoshoot.jpg
port huron michigan photographer one year old studio sesson.jpg
cute little kid photography.jpg
london ontario stylized one year old photoshoot.jpg
port huron michigan kids and family photography.jpg
photoshoot of cute little kid in his fashionable outfit.jpg
london ontario little boy fashion shoot.jpg

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Model builds her first portfolio with uniquness in mind


Model builds her first portfolio with uniquness in mind

Port Huron, Michigan beauty builds her model portfolio with ajbc photography

An outdoor fairytale shoot to a
sexy yet subtle studio shoot

fairytale photoshoot.jpg

   Meet Jen.
   Isn’t she fabulous?
   When you hear the word "model" and you see someone as gorgeous as Jen you probably get a little intimidated and assume a lot of things. Let me tell you- probably all of what you assume about this little lady is all wrong.
   Jen is one of the nicest, most low key girls I’ve ever worked with! She can get dolled up and still put on some big boots under her dress and climb through the woods with me.
   I met Jen only 1 year ago (even though it feels like ages ago) when we photographed her Engagement Session at the very beginning of 2015. In the Summer of 2015 we then got to shoot her Farm Wedding! In the late Fall Jen came back to model for of a commercial shoot I was doing with Bartlett Arborist Supply.
   Fast Forward to late Winter / early Spring 2016 ( I don’t really know, this year’s weather has been so crazy!) and she decided to take the leap and build her modeling portfolio with AJBC!
   I am always so excited to watch women pursue their dreams, in anything, but when it comes to fashion and photography, well then, it’s extra fun for me!
   Jen knew she would be wearing red, and she knew she wanted to do something fairytale like. Oh, ok, twist my arm. We hiked a good 1/2 mile back on some state game area and took advantage of what Mother Nature gave us, especially for our flat area! This was the perfect blend or dark and beauty! What’s awesome about this part of the shoot is- in real life Jen is constantly smiling, a real genuine big smile. You put her to work as a model and she transforms. Instantly. And as soon as the shot is done, she goes right back.

Keep scrolling for Part 2!

model portfolio shoot.jpg
port huron michigan outdoor photoshoot.jpg
outdoor michigan photographer.jpg
outdoor beauty photoshoot.jpg
port huron michigan model portfolio.jpg
outdoor model photoshoot.jpg
michigan outdoor photography.jpg
michigan model outdoor photoshoot.jpg
outdoor fairytale photoshoot.jpg
outdoor shoot in red dress.jpg

   Part 2 was something simple in the studio. JUST her. No fancy location, no over the top dress, just her and her beauty. She was comfortable with me and wanted to see how far she would be able to push herself when it came to something more soft and sexy for when the time came that she was asked to model this look. Well, let’s just say she did just fine. haha

studio boudoir photography.jpg
boudoir baggy sweater knee socks.jpg
port huron michigan model.jpg
port huron michigan boudoir photographer.jpg
sexy cute photoshoot.jpg
sexy model photoshoot.jpg
detroit michigan photographer.jpg

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