Port Huron, Michigan beauty builds her model portfolio with ajbc photography

An outdoor fairytale shoot to a
sexy yet subtle studio shoot

fairytale photoshoot.jpg

   Meet Jen.
   Isn’t she fabulous?
   When you hear the word "model" and you see someone as gorgeous as Jen you probably get a little intimidated and assume a lot of things. Let me tell you- probably all of what you assume about this little lady is all wrong.
   Jen is one of the nicest, most low key girls I’ve ever worked with! She can get dolled up and still put on some big boots under her dress and climb through the woods with me.
   I met Jen only 1 year ago (even though it feels like ages ago) when we photographed her Engagement Session at the very beginning of 2015. In the Summer of 2015 we then got to shoot her Farm Wedding! In the late Fall Jen came back to model for of a commercial shoot I was doing with Bartlett Arborist Supply.
   Fast Forward to late Winter / early Spring 2016 ( I don’t really know, this year’s weather has been so crazy!) and she decided to take the leap and build her modeling portfolio with AJBC!
   I am always so excited to watch women pursue their dreams, in anything, but when it comes to fashion and photography, well then, it’s extra fun for me!
   Jen knew she would be wearing red, and she knew she wanted to do something fairytale like. Oh, ok, twist my arm. We hiked a good 1/2 mile back on some state game area and took advantage of what Mother Nature gave us, especially for our flat area! This was the perfect blend or dark and beauty! What’s awesome about this part of the shoot is- in real life Jen is constantly smiling, a real genuine big smile. You put her to work as a model and she transforms. Instantly. And as soon as the shot is done, she goes right back.

Keep scrolling for Part 2!

model portfolio shoot.jpg
port huron michigan outdoor photoshoot.jpg
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outdoor beauty photoshoot.jpg
port huron michigan model portfolio.jpg
outdoor model photoshoot.jpg
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michigan model outdoor photoshoot.jpg
outdoor fairytale photoshoot.jpg
outdoor shoot in red dress.jpg

   Part 2 was something simple in the studio. JUST her. No fancy location, no over the top dress, just her and her beauty. She was comfortable with me and wanted to see how far she would be able to push herself when it came to something more soft and sexy for when the time came that she was asked to model this look. Well, let’s just say she did just fine. haha

studio boudoir photography.jpg
boudoir baggy sweater knee socks.jpg
port huron michigan model.jpg
port huron michigan boudoir photographer.jpg
sexy cute photoshoot.jpg
sexy model photoshoot.jpg
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