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Whimsical Senior Photoshoot- from fern goddess to fashion queen

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Whimsical Senior Photoshoot- from fern goddess to fashion queen

Winter in the Summer with Autumn

whimsy senior photoshoot port huron.jpg

Oh, honestly, her name is Winter, I’m Autumn, like I wasn’t going to crack some tiny joke about how perfectly paired and ironic this all was. haha

Ok, so back to how stunning and sweet our Senior client was (and her mom too- oh my gosh, all us girls had so much fun together on this shoot!) They nailed all 4 of her looks, I helped a little with the wardrobe suggestions, but they came packing bags, all glammed up and ready! I love that she rocked EVERY style SO perfectly- whimsical, a little grunge, glam, playful.

This is why our Couture Collection will always be my fav that we offer. We all have more than 1 personality inside of us, different sides to who we are, or maybe who we want to be, and it’s SO fun to show off all that diversity in a shoot. If you have NO idea what speaks to you, we have a Style Guide that’s pretty helpful too!

Winter’s shoot was filled with dress twirling, coffee, back city alleys, and splashing in the river. And tall, tan beauty that I’m a little jealous of, but I tried to not let it show too much. ;) If you want professional, model worthy portraits taken we can do that. If you want a day you’ll never forget- THAT’S what we specialize in.

Take a peek at the WHOLE experience below!

And if it EVER snows here in Michigan Winter will be coming back for a jaw dropping session in, yes, you guessed it, the Winter. Last joke, I’m done. But btw I can do this because her and I discussed how silly it is every time someone says a seasonal joke to us, like we had NEVER heard it before. haha So I earned the right.

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Celebrating new life with an in home Boudoir Photoshoot


Celebrating new life with an in home Boudoir Photoshoot

Boho Boudoir AJBC Photography

New place, new plans, new woman.

Shelby is a beautiful, powerful, driven, talented woman. It was about time in her life that she finally celebrated that, celebrated herself! 
 Shelby described her life as of late like being held underwater, not being able to breath for years, and now finally being able to come up for air! Close your eyes and imagine that… pressure on your chest, fear of your surroundings, hope gone, and then out of nowhere someone pulls you to the service and that breath of air that fills your lungs feels like unlike anything you’ve ever felt before. It’s a shockingly, well deserved, humbling emotion. Instantly you know you’re alive and going to be ok. And then you freak out all over again- OH MY GOD- I’m ALIVE!

 Boom. Enter Shelby’s current mindset- time to celebrate YOU girl!

That’s what we wanted to show off here- the celebration of freedom, fresh air, living fully. She also just moved into a brand new loft downtown which was a big step for her, so doing it at her place felt empowering for the shoot.

It’s obvious, Shelby could wear anything, pose anyway, and it’s what Pinterest Dream Boards are made of…. but you can see for yourself below….

And total side note- Shelby is a Hair Stylist Rock Star. She’s kicking ass with her clients and in her industry at a very young age… so if you want to book with her before she only works with celebrities you can find her at Studio 710 in Port Huron.

Port Huron Boudoir Photoshoot
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Cozy in home boudoir port huron
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New Home Young women photoshoot
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Sexy at home boudoir lifestyle photography

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(craziness- Coty and Shelby are twins! and omg do they both know how to rock a camera.)

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