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New place, new plans, new woman.

Shelby is a beautiful, powerful, driven, talented woman. It was about time in her life that she finally celebrated that, celebrated herself! 
 Shelby described her life as of late like being held underwater, not being able to breath for years, and now finally being able to come up for air! Close your eyes and imagine that… pressure on your chest, fear of your surroundings, hope gone, and then out of nowhere someone pulls you to the service and that breath of air that fills your lungs feels like unlike anything you’ve ever felt before. It’s a shockingly, well deserved, humbling emotion. Instantly you know you’re alive and going to be ok. And then you freak out all over again- OH MY GOD- I’m ALIVE!

 Boom. Enter Shelby’s current mindset- time to celebrate YOU girl!

That’s what we wanted to show off here- the celebration of freedom, fresh air, living fully. She also just moved into a brand new loft downtown which was a big step for her, so doing it at her place felt empowering for the shoot.

It’s obvious, Shelby could wear anything, pose anyway, and it’s what Pinterest Dream Boards are made of…. but you can see for yourself below….

And total side note- Shelby is a Hair Stylist Rock Star. She’s kicking ass with her clients and in her industry at a very young age… so if you want to book with her before she only works with celebrities you can find her at Studio 710 in Port Huron.

Port Huron Boudoir Photoshoot
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