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Senior Fashion- how to diversify your look during your photoshoot


Senior Fashion- how to diversify your look during your photoshoot

    I like girls who don’t exactly play by the rules, especially with fashion. Take a few risks, I promise you it will pay off. Even if you’re not ready to totally get WAY out of the box, even the smallest of details will make a huge difference!
   Andrea didn’t know at the time of her shoot I would be using her as this fashionista example, I didn’t even know it, but looking back at her shoot now it’s clear she put together some killer looks and there’s some things you could learn from her and what she rocked during her Summer and Fall Senior Photoshoots (yes- she’s so fab she did 2 shoots!)

outdoor michigan senior portraits.jpg

   First off, this green “dress” she’s wearing. It’s an oversized sweater. She bought it larger than her normal top size so it would be the perfect slouchy, comfy sweater dress. So get creative with pieces and sizes! The boho headpiece- it’s just a necklace! As she was putting it on she looked like a little gypsy with it on her head, so we snagged some fun shots!

fall fashion senior pictures.jpg
fall fashion michigan photographer.jpg

   This bold pop of color in her next look was great and notice the accessories- a few bracelets and watch. It’s these tiny things that add extra texture and bling to your portraits, so don’t forget parts of your wardrobe that you think will be hidden- we’ll find a way and a pose to show them off!

senior portraits abandoned building.jpg
senior photos at sunset.jpg
fall colors fall fashion senior photographer.jpg
B&W senior portraits.jpg

   Ok! I’ve waited long enough to talk about my FAV outfit she wore! These overalls and boots. The floral, bright crop top still keeps it feminine but those tall boots with the pants rolled up bring that edge back! I can’t get over this look! It’s unexpected and that’s what’s going to make your portraits stand out! Plus, she’s got moves- I mean look at her just rockin those baggy boyfriend cut overalls!

edgy senior fashion.jpg
grunge fashion.jpg
michigan senior portraits photographer.jpg

   Ok, moving on from my current obsession of overalls- This dress is a great chic look and really mixes it up from the looks we’ve seen so far. It’s something a little more sophisticated, put together, and then paired with the heel, it takes it to a level we haven’t seen yet! Diversity is key to get the most out of your Senior Portraits!

senior fashion.jpg
lexington michigan senior photoshoot.jpg
best michigan photographer.jpg

  Next we have this super casual look. When I say casual I don’t mean boring though, the ripped jeans and layered necklace keep it interesting! It’s meant to be a carefree, summer look paired with the easy going, sun kissed location.

port huron northern senior photoshoot.jpg
fall senior photoshoot.jpg
senior portrait photographer.jpg

   And lastly. So dreamy. This white, soft dress with this floral crown. Whimsy will never get old to us at AJBC! The look turns very editorial / fashion when she gets in the water! And THIS is what you want for your Senior Experience! Something that doesn’t FEEL or look like a typical portrait. The days of turn, smile, click are gone, and so are the “rules” of fashion, because true fashion has no rules and no limits.

senior portraits by the water.jpg
senior portraits in lake.jpg
senior portraits lexington beach.jpg
senior session in water.jpg
senior session in lake huron.jpg

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Port Huron, MI Winter Maternity Photoshoot


Port Huron, MI Winter Maternity Photoshoot

Dramatic Red Dress Outdoor Couple Maternity Shoot

winter beauty photoshoot.jpg

   There are 2 ways you should show up for a portrait session-
1- As you are. But RAW. Don’t hide any part of yourself, be ready to release your true , natural self.
2- As a new side of yourself you’ve never seen before, experience yourself in a new way.
   For Syme and Ryan’s Maternity Shoot they opted for number 2. When we first talked on the phone Syme told me she wanted to go all out for her Maternity shoot so she was breaking loose and doing everything she would never do for this moment in her life. She hates winter, she’s not one for dressing up... so of course she opted for a Winter shoot, in the snow, and she was even going to wear a floral crown. 
   Fun fact about the first time Syme and Ryan met- Syme was wearing sweatpants and a Tupac shirt. My day was made when I heard that, as she’s standing in front of me, polar opposite, looking like an Iceland Snow Mermaid in this red dress that fits her perfectly and also screams a lil Jessica Rabbit! She’s this little thing with a beautiful, bold personality to make up for her short height. Ryan is more quiet and sweet, but the way he looks at her and the way she smiles at him lets you know- these two are the real deal.
   Our first meeting was hilarious, talking about how magical their shoot was going to be that all the forest animals would probably run out of their dens to circle around her like this woodland Goddess, which, yes, she’s not that big into nature, but if that happened, she said she wouldn’t complain. We got a bit carried away.
   So, of course, the day of their shoot the snow melted. In a panic my creative brain kicked in and I knew I just needed something to mimic that whimsy feel. I found a hard pile of plowed snow in the corner of a parking lot and that’s what we used to create our magical snow mermaid shots. Sometimes you just have to trust the photographer’s vision.
   They went from spinning and dancing in the pine trees, to elegantly swaying with the wind on the icy beach shores, to lastly cuddling up on top of a snow pile.
   It was effortlessly stunning, it was true, it was love, and it was just in time bc that itty bitty, sweat pea of a baby came earlier than expected, less than a week after this!

michigan couples photoshoot.jpg
michigan couples photographer.jpg
beauty winter maternity.jpg
michigan winter couple photoshoot.jpg
port huron michigan maternity photoshoot.jpg
winter maternity photoshoot.jpg
port huron michigan couple photographer.jpg
outdoor beauty photoshoot.jpg
michigan maternity photographer.jpg

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Senior Portraits or Fashion Model Portfolio? You decide.

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Senior Portraits or Fashion Model Portfolio? You decide.

Port Huron Senior Photoshoot
Shot in Summer and Fall

Senior Session that screams both
fashion and everyday beauty

michigan fashion model photographer black and white portraits .jpg

   As a senior photographer, I always encourage clients to own their style and show off who they are right now. Things will change in one way or another down the road so embrace the here and now. When I saw all of the amazing outfits Madison was bringing for her photoshoot, I knew she would have one of the most stunning & stylish Senior Portrait Photoshoots!! A perfect mix of that fierce high fashion paired with natural background beauty.
   One of the first things you notice about Madison is her spectacular smile and how natural she is in front of the camera. She had 8 different outfits in total over two seasons to express herself in a variety or different locations we had picked out just for her and the vibe she was going for. We started in the studio with her fashion look! Fierce, dramatic and glamorous, which of course she nailed!  
   From dramatic lighting to next natural lighting, we did her next outfit which was this adorable white romper outdoors in a garden of wildflowers. Gorgeous light with beautiful tones of green reflecting off her skin, shooting Madison was too easy!
   We hopped in the car for our next outfit which was down a rocky back road with golden fields. Her look...Heels, and the back roads? Yes, it may not seem like the average combo but there's nothing like strutting your confidence in some heels in any location. There are no rules here ladies!
   After that look we hopped back into in the car and drove to her stable where we met her beautiful horse, Homer, who may have stole the show, but only for a tiny bit! Madison was this elegant yet powerful equestrian rider in her uniform, but every day she was a fun, playful woman who loved her horse!
   We finished up at the stables and then it was time to race to the shores of Lexington. Madison had changed into her fifth outfit which was this chic blue dress for our city girl, downtown look, walking the cobble stone streets..
   And lastly, in casual jeans and a cute off the shoulder top we ended the Summer shoot right on the blue water of Lake Huron. I cannot emphasize how stunning it was as the sun was coming down with the warm tones! The washed out wood, sparking reflections in the lake, mixed with her blonde hair and those eyes... GOSH it was just breath taking. I remember we got the shots we needed but we COULDN'T STOP photographing her.  We ended the evening with the calm sunset off in the distance.

  Keep reading to see how we ended the whole collection with a Fall Shoot! 

port huron northen high school senior model senior fashion senior beauty studio photoshoot fashion photographer.jpg
port huron michigan senior portrait photographer senior beauty senior fashion.jpg
michigan outdoor senior beauty photographer white dress in the woods photoshoot.jpg
port huron equestrian team senior photographer.jpg
raulf lauren fashion senior portraits with her horse michigan equestrian.jpg
lexington michigan senior portrait photographer.jpg
lexington michigan outdoor senior portraits senior beauty senior fashion.jpg
lexington michigan senior fashion portraits on the water lexington docks senior beauty senior fashion.jpg
michigan outdoor senior portrait photographer beauty on the water boho senior look .jpg
boho senior look at lexington michigan harbor best michigan senior photographer.jpg
senior portraits on the water port huron northern senior photoshoot boho senior fashion lexington harbor.jpg

   No doubt Madison nailed everything in Summer, but the colors this Fall were too amazing to pass up and Fall brings a whole new Fashion, so, naturally, we had to finish the year out with all the looks! 
   We started in the studio again because I just couldn't pass up another opportunity to get some fashion forward shots of her! She's a true model. But we eventually ventured outdoors and drove down the road where we actually found this old, falling apart farm trailer, which we "borrowed" just for a few shots, and oh my gosh, they may be my fav shots from this whole collection!
   We ended walking the woods in the back of the studio, down the trails scattered with all the perfect Fall colors, and our grand finale of it all, and the most mesmerizing shot, was having her lay on the ground with her hair fanned out and Fall leaves placed ever so perfectly. Again, we had to tell ourselves we got the shot and force ourselves to stop shooting. 

   This is just a handful of some of the fav images from her NINTY image collection- 90!! Beauty + Fashion + Nature = INCREDIBLE Senior Portraits.  

port huron michigan senior model senior beauty studio session senior fashion.jpg
port huron northern senior photographer outdoor beauty outdoor fashion senior beauty.jpg
port huron high school edgy senior photoshoot beauty fashion outdoor photographer .jpg
best michigan outdoor senior portrait photographer black and white senior fashion senior beauty.jpg
outdoor fall fashion fall senior portraits michigan fall fashion photographer senior beauty .jpg
outdoor senior photoshoot fall fashion fall senior photoshoot fall leaves fall beauty senior fall style outdoor photoshoot best michigan senior portrait photographer.jpg

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Port Huron Photographer - Fall Senior Session


Port Huron Photographer - Fall Senior Session

Port Huron Northern Class of 2018

Senior embraces care free, boho chic style for photoshoot

senior photos in a field fall senior portraits fall fashion senior girl fashion best michigan photographer .jpg

   As a photographer it is clear my goal is to always capture the essence of someone’s personality and style thru photographs! Delaney's senior session perfectly describes her. Warm, fun, fashionable, adventurous and of course, drop dead gorgeous.
   The moment she arrived was the start of a stunning evening. Once we finished up with hair and make up we hopped in the car and drove down the backgrounds until we found a ditch…YES that's correct- she OWNED that ditch. There is nothing more fun than taking something as unnoticed as a ditch and throwing in fierce Delaney to perfect this grunge senior look.

   Outfit two, here we come. Hopped back in the car chasing the sunset.. Delaney got dolled up in her fun cream lace dress…with heels? Hell no!  She rocked it with some cowgirl boots! You would think cowgirl boots you’re getting down and dirty but she was the total opposite! She had this warm country glow just radiating! We found an old church with peeling pant which was the perfect balance of rustic & glam!

   We made one last stop, down a tiny trail in the woods we found a crumbling stone wall and hidden behind it was a small creek! It was a chilly fall evening and Delaney had no fear getting right into the water! I didn’t even have to tell her what to do, her fun free spirit just took over… from playful twirling and dancing to modelesque posing.

   I’m no chemist but I do know her style mixed with her personality was fire. From sassy and fierce to bubbly and playful, she nailed every look.

fall senior portraits port huron michigan beauty photographer.jpg
port huron northern high school senior portraits.jpg
best michigan senior photographer outdoor photoshoot .jpg
grunge senior look michigan photographer senior fashion .jpg
port huron michigan senior portrait photographer port huron northern high school photographer.jpg
port huron northern high school senior photographer outdoor fall photoshoot grunge style fashion beauty.jpg
detroit michigan senior portrait photographer.jpg
senior fashion outdoor fall photoshoot michigan senior photographer.jpg
cowgirl boots dress country girl senior portraits wadhams michigan photographer fall photoshoot.jpg
detroit michigan senior portrait photographer fall fashion beauty photographer senior girl class of 2018.jpg
port huron michigan photographer outdoor fall photoshoot fall fashion fall colors cowgirl boots .jpg
beards hills senior portraits in the water grunge style fall fashion senior portraits in the water .jpg

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