Senior Photoshoot shows off

strong yet feminine athletic side
along with sweet and fashionista side

at Port Huron Northern and downtown Port Huron.

   I like a girl who can pull off 4 different looks in the same day. It tells a lot about your personality and shows diversity.
   Allie started out preppy and cute with her polo and glasses, switched it up to gorgeous in a cream dress floating in the water, got a little sassy with her grungy downtown look, and then really rocked it for her sports look.
   I’m going to be honest- I love shooting portraits that feel model / fashion like. It’s a little moody, a little edgy, it’s fresh. I never find Sports photography fits into that… but I LOVED Allie’s sports look. This photoshoot totally changed my mind about that! She still looks feminine but in a very strong way. Her curls don’t get in the way of her boldness.
   Picture this. We were also working against an over crowded, badly lit gym. I’m talking 20 girls whipping volleyballs at our heads, no windows, ugly yellow lights. But we busted out some off camera flash and that just gives it this gritty, impactful, commercial look. She just rocked it.      
   Strong girls make me happy and when you can jump over hurdles as high as my chest and do a push up on 2 basketballs, well, that falls into the category of strong and bold with me.
  You go girl.
  So you guys need to scroll down and see all of what I’m talking about!


port huron high school basketball michigan senior photographer.jpg
northern high school girls basketball senior photographer.jpg
port huron high school girls basketball senior photographer.jpg
michigan sports photographer.jpg
nike outdoor running photoshoot michigan photographer.jpg
detroit michigan senior photographer.jpg
high school senior fashion michigan photographer.jpg
michigan outdoor beauty photographer .jpg
outdoor senior fall photoshoot.jpg
detroit senior portrait photographer.jpg
port huron michigan senior photographer.jpg
photoshoot on lake huron michigan senior portrait photographer.jpg
senior beauty in the lake port huron michigan beauty photographer.jpg
senior session in water beauty lake huron michigan photographer.jpg

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