The AJBC Experience.
Customize your own or go All InClusive.


The following is a collection you can customize- add on additional outfits, locations, hair & makeup, and art as desired. Below is your starting point.



verb: design or make in a particular form

Best Senior Photographer in St Clair County Michigan.jpg


The following Collections are ALL INCLUSIVE- effortlessly combining Style Guidance, your photoshoot, and High End Art Prints into 1 exquisite Collection you deserve to experience.


vogue / vōg

noun: the prevailing fashion or style at a particular time

Port Huron Northern High School Senior Photographer.jpg


($1,200 Value)


noun: creation of exclusive custom-fitted pieces

Best St Clair County High School Senior Portrait Photographer.jpg


($3,075 value)

van·i·ty fair

vanity / noun: excessive pride in one's own appearance or achievements
fair / adverb: free from bias, dishonesty, or injustice.

Michigan Destination Adventure Photographer.jpg

Your Natural Beauty & A Bold Adventure.

This Photo Shoot is an in depth experience of your individuality that when paired with nature’s unmatched artistry creates magical and powerful portraits.

And this is just the beginning:
Wardrobe Styling & 2 Designer pieces chosen specifically for you.
Professional Hair & Makeup Styling
Up to 4 hours of Travel Time to a Unique Destination
Your experience illuminated in a Short Film
A Hand Crafted Glass Apothecary Box preserving 20 Printed Fine Art Pieces & Full Collection of Digital Images
Your Choice of any of our Wall Art Pieces
And a true, expressive Adventure.

(over $5,000 Value)

Personalized Payment Plans Available for ALL Packages.

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