After you have chosen your Collection,
here's a more in depth look at the whole experience.

Step 1: How will you express yourself?

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   No matter the Collection you decide to book, the whole process starts with your vision and the story you wish to tell with your portraits. That's what we build off of.
   Take some time to sit down and really dream up something beautiful, and a bit bold. This is a very personal experience that we customize for you.

Step 2: Wardrobe and Location

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   Your wardrobe is the foundation that inspires the dynamics of the shoot, which we then customize with a unique location, indoors or outdoors. 

Step 3: hair & makeup

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   Natural to Dramatic.
   Your Professional Hair and Makeup Stylist will provide everything needed for your look, you just simply show up and leave feeling empowered.

Step 4: the shoot

A Dramatic Expression of your Secrets,
A Rebellious Writing of your Story.

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   Running through the overgrown forest, floating on top of the water, dancing in a field at sunset, hiking out to the cliff's edge.
   We take you out on an adventure, creating a moment where you feel completely free and untouchable. This is where the magic happens. This is when we capture your true self.

Step 5: behind the scenes

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   After your shoot we're submerged in your images, selecting the most stunning and then hand editing every portrait, transforming them into true, flawless pieces of art.

Step 6: The heirloom Art

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   Because every Collection we've designed is all inclusive, the last part of every experience is celebrated with 8x12 Heirloom Art Prints matted and mounted to be finished in an 11x14 frame, along with their matching Digital Image on a flash drive, preserved in either a Boutique Case or Handcrafted Box that is designed by AJBC and handmade by USA Crafts(wo)men. This guarantees that your portraits will be enjoyed by those you love now, and for future generations as well.

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