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These looks are happening, wether you are ready for them or not! Embrace them or ignore them- but you'll be seeing them, and we guarantee you'll probably secretly be in love with them by Spring! 

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Trending Tip #1 Loud and Proud.

Tis the season to be bold! Nothing screams that out more than colorful hair. Not your typical ombre or sun kissed ends, balayage either. We are talking smoked out greys, lavenders, and yes, millennial pink hair! Now is this easy to achieve, not entirely. Especially women with dark hair will take a few trips to the salon. But trust us, we know the struggle is so worth the patience in the end. There are a few box dye brands that have now come out with pastel colors, but we warn you to stay awayyy!!! Box dyes are way more damaging to your hair. If you’re bold enough to rock this style be smart about it and talk with a professional hair stylist.

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Trending Tip #2 Be extra no matter what the event!

Every girl has that desire to unleash their inner diva. Please don’t be shy. You know that fur (faux of course!) jacket you thought was sooo 90’s Posh Spice? Well, reminisce no more… because they’re making a come back! Running hot this time around is the straight lined fur jacket, even better in pastel. Yes!!! Pastel! Now, you don’t need to be going out with the girls to rock one of these, but if you are, pair fur jackets with either a slim fitted dress and tights, or your favorite bedazzled top, jeans, and thigh high boots. For a more casual look in your simple v neck and jeans, cover up and stay warm with your fur, after all that was the true purpose of it. This is definitely a way to make you feel a bit more ‘extra’ anywhere you go.

Trending Tip #3 Iridescent Everything

While this is still on the rise be sure to get a jump start on this one, it will be striking. I saw this trend on a few women wearing what they call ‘unicorn’ polish on their nails. After that I was on the hunt! Whilst places like Ulta and Sephora were sold out of this color, we did manage to find some alternative options. Opal nail polish has a similar sheen to it, as well as holographic nail polish. But the iridescent movement is more than just nails. Phone cases, key chains, shoes, or even totes and backpacks! I don’t think you can go wrong with this lustrous mermaid color.

Trending Tip #4 Let's talk Makeup! 

The world of makeup is a whole other beast to tackle! So here's what we are finding hot for the 2018 cosmetic style- 
While we are overjoyed to know glitter and rhinestones still remain, as well as the summer heatwave of festival makeup; there's always room for improvement! You'll see the iridescent movement trickling in as we spoke of above. 
And on the flip side- natural is huge right now. Easy, clean, true. While we embrace playing with colors and new looks, we will never say no to fighting beauty standards and rocking who you truly are. 

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Tell us what looks you're loving right now, what you're excited for, and what you are so over!

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