It’s the first day of 2018

For me that means...

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For me, that means an entire year has flown by and a part of me feels like SO much has changed, and SO much is about to change, while another part of me feels like not enough has changed, and will enough change in the future!?

To be honest with you I find it very hard to accept times when things aren’t changing.
If things are staying the same, what are you working towards?
If things aren’t changing, how will you ever feel excited again!?

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I am learning, or better yet, training myself, to appreciate the things I have and the time I have where both will stay exactly how they are.

I feel like we all ride that thin line of wanting time to stand still and time not moving fast enough.
This year, most of all, has taught me about balance.

Every year I feel like “balance” is what I strive for and every year I fail at it. But that’s because I wasn’t being honest with myself- was I really trying to find balance?
No. I was constantly looking for reasons to throw me off balance. This year, I’ve just learned that’s who I am. But I’ve gotten better at taking time out of that part of my life to just….. “be.”

Just Being-
to me that means:

Mind body soul

I feel like that’s going to be a HUGE theme for us at ajbc this year.
Just… being, un-apologetically “being.”

More importantly- just being: you.

I’ve realized us girls at ajbc, myself (Autumn) and my 2 assistants (Taylor and Elores), everything we do in our lives, everything we do in the studio, everything we want to share with you, boils down to being YOU, embracing YOU, being proud and showing off YOU, and always in a fearless and bold way.

I think all 3 of us have always been very aggressive when it comes to being individuals.
And that’s what we’re most excited to share with you this year.

If we’re talking trends, makeup, beauty, adventure, portraits, it’s not just because it’s hot right now, or bc it’s “what you should be doing” but because we see new daring things happening, and hope to inspire you to do the same. And if being completely untrendy and undaring is what makes you feel like you- make that your own trend.

As long as you can show up to life every day happy… that’s what should be on your “must have” list. That’s what’s empowering. That’s strength, that’s beauty, that’s the true meaning of life.

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Written by:

Autumn- ajbc photography's empowerment pusher

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