Flat Iron Tips and Tricks for any length hair

I don’t know if it’s only me, but I just hopped on the ‘flat iron does all’ train!
 Everyone knows that flat irons make your hair super straight & sleek… but they so much more!!


Ive recently learned the best curls ever are from my flat iron, not my EXPENSIVE curling wands and barrels. I can curl my whole head in under 10 minutes with my flat iron... Yes, 10 minutes, It’s especially beneficial for ladies with hair that's shoulder length and shorter since most curling barrels and wands can be to big and more tricky to work with. I’ve burned myself more than I haven’t! Section off your hair, make a quick twist with the iron, pull down your hair and you beautiful lose curls.
Here's an awesome video thanks to Milabu, especially for us short hair girls!


If you are looking for that easy beach wave look.. FLAT IRON! I use a quick up down movement while working down my hair, which creates an effortless wave! Now if you were to wait an extra second in between this up / down movement it creates more of that crimp look! So depending on how long you hold that down or up position in between,  you can control how minimal the wave is to how sharp the crimp is.


VOLUME VOLUME!!! So much volume! So obvi the flat iron is meant for straightening, but if you need some assistance with reviving your flat, fine hair, look no further!! I have super flat lifeless hair so when I straighten it, it's just stuck to my scalp... so instead of ratting my hair, I just pin up my top layer of hair then use that minimal wave technique (starting from the roots) on the underneath sections so it makes the top look more voluminous! So you can still achieve that sleek straightened hair, but with some more UMPH!
You’re welcome!


Hair chalking is a great option for extreme hair colors for those who are either are nervous to dye their hair those unicorn tones, or want to dodge dye damage! The only negative thing is that the chalk gets everywhere and will rub off on your clothes/hands, and fades quick! But our lovely flat iron can avoid all that mess! Once you apply the color chalk go over it with your flat iron for a lasting seal that’ll keep the color longer and you’re messes smaller! Not all heroes wear capes!

Here's an awesome video thanks to Milabu on 10 ways to style your hair using a flat iron! Now go rock some new looks!

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