7 hot looks you have to try this summer!

Summer is on its way, which means warm sun blessing our skin, lazy beach days, your besties, favorite drinks, oh and of course looking fricken hot... like the weather... see what I did there... wink face. So I wanted to share with you my favorite EASY summer hair styles!

Hallelujah for warm weather, but hot temps bring sweaty necks, so let's talk UP-DOS first!

High Ponies.

Sounds pretty basic, but whats trending right now is dressing the pony up with a braid. But a braid that has a sparkly hair ribbon intertwined, so it looks like you got your hair professionally done for Coachella but in reality it only took 10 minutes. 

The Knot!

Get this runway look by pulling your hair into a slick high-pony. Tease out your tail from top to bottom, then swirl it into a ballerina bun. Run some oil over your look so your hair sparkles like diamonds and you're ready for a day at the beach or a night out in a chic dress! Take the same approach but don't be afraid to mess it up a bit for a slightly more casual look.


...are back. Yes. I Said it. Our favorite childhood look is hot AGAIN! Not so much Britney Spears pigtails but more so boho like, making them into two messy buns, or braiding each one and wrapping into a knot. For a more sleek pigtail look they call it The Baby Buns look. Just pull up your hair into two high pigtails, then twist each pony into a tight bun. Top with hairspray and shine spray, and for your own unique look add on some jewels or sparkles to each bun! 

Half Ponies

They have been in all year, and they better not be going any where because that is my go to look! You can literally be looking fly in under 2 minutes! My favorite part of the half pony is that you can dress it down or as UP as you want. Its a easy on the go look but can also be looking red carpet ready! Half pony can be rocked with the more retro look straight pony straight hair, or take that half pony and make it into a messy bun. Keep hair out, straight, messy, or curly you can rock it however- this is your world baby girl!


love & beauty photographer photographer.jpg

Braids, braids! I love braids, French, dutch, mermaid! Whichever wherever, braids always slay. You can be in your bikini or on you’re way to the Oscars and braids can be pulled off! But if you're like me, my hands are not so talented when It comes to braiding hair, so tutorials are crazy helpful!

If you can't take it and give up on these looks- effortless hair styles below are just as satisfying!

Beach Waves

Is there any look that says summer more than beachy waves? Nope! In this blog --> I give you all the uses for your flat irons and beach waves is one of them! If that's too much work for you on your way the beach, just throw some dry shampoo or salt water spray in your hair, shape those beach waves, and leave the house!

The Wet Look

The wet hair look is still in and it's not going anywhere this summer. A small portion of gel will do the trick, and if that's too much of a grease look for you, scrunch with some mouse, or my favorite- sea salt spray, and that will add the perfect texture for your wet hair look! 

All of these looks are so easily achievable and work for all hair types. Perfecting all these summer looks can be done in less that 15 minutes, which just sounds like more time in the sun! You're welcome girls!

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