So you can envision the vibe you want for your portraits, how you want to be portrayed and express yourself, and now you just have to piece it all together with fashion.
   For all you fashionistas who want to tackle this on your own, we know that can seem overwhelming, but it's honestly not that hard, especially if you follow these 5 steps we've put together for you!
   For those of you who just can't figure out how to do that or can't find the time, also don't freak, we provide a Wardrobe Styling Package you can add on to any shoot, where we not only help you define your look, we do the shopping for you and provide designer wardrobe for you to wear during your shoot.
   SO let's dive in and see what makes for a killer look.

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Tip 1: Accessories

Pleaseeeeee accessorize! Listen, you want a wardrobe on fleek? That comes only with planning, down to the smallest of details. Here at AJBC we plan everything from the date, to location, to lighting, to props, to wardrobe, and yes even down to accessories. So make sure you are not forgetting to finish off your look! They don't have to be included in EVERY shot but they make for fun accents to switch up your look!
Here are some statement pieces we think you shouldn't leave home without:
Hats- Floppy hats are cute for the boho looks and a trucker hat could be great for an edgy grunge look.
Glam necklaces- go with 1 statement piece or layer up!
Bracelets, Watches- Mix colors and textures.
Rings and Nails- Chipped nails are the worst, go natural or with a neutral color, and accent with rings.
Shoes- Shoes say a lot, dress up with heels for that chic look, or dress down with combat boots for something more bold.
Sunglasses- Cat eyes, to aviators, these are fun and sassy to add in.

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Tip 2: Dress in Layers

Want to make the most out of your photoshoot and your outfit? Yes accessorizing is one way, but another is to dress in layers. You can create a whole new look and emulate a completely new portrait by just layering! Bring that moto jacket and halfway through a look put it on over that oh so fabulous bodycon dress! Now you have 2 styles with 1 outfit.
Some ideas:
Jackets- Fur, Leather, Jean- Add a pop of color or texture with an extra layer!
Scarves- Summer or Fall, something airy or bulky can be a fun piece to add!
Sheer tops- layer texture and color with a cute bralette or tank under an oversized or sheer top or button up.

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TIP 3: Wear Bold Outfits

Wonder why what you see in the magazines looks so posh? Make sure to keep posted about new trends and actually try them! Don’t fear dressing in high fashion clothing! Be confident, be loud with your colors! Be daring with mismatching clothing! Anyone can pull off a T-shirt and jeans or a sunflower dress in the spring. But not you, you can pull off waaaaaayyyy more than that. You can pull off high fashion royalty, magazine worthy, bold styles! Wear them and your confidence proudly.

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TIP 4: Ask for Guidance

If you’re unsure about your style, ask!!! At AJBC we have 3 stylists readily available to guide you. If shopping local, the girls at RUBOO Boutique in Downtown Port Huron are on hand as well and are not only super enthusiastic about fierce style, they are just super fun girls! Their shop, both in person and online, fits every style and every body type. On top of that we also provide you with an exclusive Style Guide to help you find what speaks to you. The importance of knowing your style- we can’t stress enough!

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TIP 5: Leave all Shyness at the Door

Hear these words!!! Leave all shyness at the door!! Do not bring that into your photoshoot with you! This is a once in a lifetime event! We are here to photograph the person you are today! You’ll be able to reflect on these portraits for years and years to come! We want to capture the magnificence and uniqueness of who you are! So yes we might ask you to do some things that feel silly at the moment but trust and know we got your back. So have ours too, ditch the shyness and just be you.

If you're not super on top of the fashion scene we hooked you up with the Top Fashion and Beauty Trends of 2018 in this blog!

Want to see these 5 tips all put together? Check out the Vogue-Inspired Fashion Photoshoot we did when we teamed up with Down Town Port Huron's sassiest Fashionistas- Ruboo Boutique!

Have you checked out our 10 Tips to help you prep for your photoshoot yet!? Now that you've put together a killer look, see what steps to take to make it come to life!