2012 was a beautiful year.

I turned my love and passion for photography into an official company-  A.J.B.C. Photography

My husband built me my own inspiration get away- what most call my studio.

And I learned MORE than I ever could have imagined about myself.

I also had the support of so many wonderful people- my family and my friends and my dedicated clients, who most now fall under 1 of those 2 categories :) I've had the pleasure of working with SO many great people! And I can honestly say I've had fun on every single one of them!

All 90 of them. 

Yep, that's right. 90.

In 2012 alone I had 90 sessions- which blows my mind.

I know it may not be a lot to some companies but knowing I started this business MYSELF and knowing I did the work alone, well, 90 seems like 2,000 (and believe me, some days it DID feel like that, rushing to meet deadlines, completing last minute orders, driving hours away to return hours later- yeah, I know, I know, I secretly love every minute of it!)

I wanted to post an image with this entry and I thought there was nothing more fitting than, literally, the last couple I photographed in 2012.

Do they know I photographed them on the beach, arm in arm, walking into the sun? No.

And I think that's what makes it even more beautiful for me- how ironic that fact is. 

Thank You, from the bottom of my heart, for an amazing year!

I couldn't be MORE excited about 2013!!

Here's to 180!