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Celebrating new life with an in home Boudoir Photoshoot


Celebrating new life with an in home Boudoir Photoshoot

Boho Boudoir AJBC Photography

New place, new plans, new woman.

Shelby is a beautiful, powerful, driven, talented woman. It was about time in her life that she finally celebrated that, celebrated herself! 
 Shelby described her life as of late like being held underwater, not being able to breath for years, and now finally being able to come up for air! Close your eyes and imagine that… pressure on your chest, fear of your surroundings, hope gone, and then out of nowhere someone pulls you to the service and that breath of air that fills your lungs feels like unlike anything you’ve ever felt before. It’s a shockingly, well deserved, humbling emotion. Instantly you know you’re alive and going to be ok. And then you freak out all over again- OH MY GOD- I’m ALIVE!

 Boom. Enter Shelby’s current mindset- time to celebrate YOU girl!

That’s what we wanted to show off here- the celebration of freedom, fresh air, living fully. She also just moved into a brand new loft downtown which was a big step for her, so doing it at her place felt empowering for the shoot.

It’s obvious, Shelby could wear anything, pose anyway, and it’s what Pinterest Dream Boards are made of…. but you can see for yourself below….

And total side note- Shelby is a Hair Stylist Rock Star. She’s kicking ass with her clients and in her industry at a very young age… so if you want to book with her before she only works with celebrities you can find her at Studio 710 in Port Huron.

Port Huron Boudoir Photoshoot
Folk Boho aesthetic Photography
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Cozy in home boudoir port huron
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New Home Young women photoshoot
Proud Boudoir Women Michigan
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Port huron happy boudoir sexy photoshoot
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port huron empowering women photoshoot
Sexy at home boudoir lifestyle photography

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(craziness- Coty and Shelby are twins! and omg do they both know how to rock a camera.)

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Strong Women Breathe Fire


Strong Women Breathe Fire

Woman finds power and love inside herself through empowerment photoshoot

awesome fire creative photoshoot near me.jpg

   After years of struggling with self image Betsy was finally ready to celebrate who she is and who's she's been her entire life through an AJBC Photography photoshoot.
   She expressed how for years she felt the pressure of how she was supposed to look, what she was supposed to do, the type of mom she was supposed to be raising kids, that restricting and guilty feeling of not being what other people think is right.
   When in all reality the BEST part of Betsy, and other women who are unafraid to be unapologetically who they are, is that she made a CHOICE in her life instead of following the herd of sheep, and a lot of people can’t understand that.

I so understand that.

In fact, I live for that.

Here's Betsy's visual representation of letting go, breaking free, and finally believing in herself, exactly the way she is. Burning societies rules of beauty and perfection to the ground. 

emotional battle breakthorugh port huron photoshoot.jpg
creative expressive photoshoot michigan.jpg
eff your beauty standards photoshoot.jpg
empowerment fire breather photoshoot.jpg
fire breather photoshoots near me.jpg
emotional struggle photoshoot port huron.jpg
emotional photoshoot port huron michigan.jpg
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womens beauty earthy photoshoot.jpg

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Commercial Fashion Shoot for Duende Decor Spring Line Release


Commercial Fashion Shoot for Duende Decor Spring Line Release

A Fashion Designer and Etsy Shop Owner looking to make big impact with the release of her new Spring Line.

We travel to a tropical wonderland to give her
unique images sure to sell. 

Photoshoots at Belle Isle Conservatory.jpg

   Let me start out by making a list.
   I’m jealous of Tiffany for the following reasons:
1- She’s a fashion designer (doesn’t that just sounds so friggin chic to say!?)
2- Kinda off topic, but.... She has long gorgeous hair (hopefully me if I keep growing my hair out for 10 years!)
3- She’s got adorable friends who also model
4- She runs an Etsy shop (this one really hits my jealously bone!)
5- Annnnndddd she just released her 2018 Duende Decor Spring Line   

Ok, now that I’ve gotten that out of the way.
   Tiffany, the Owner of Duende Decor, and I met up mid winter to start planning the launch or her Spring / Summer line! I LOVE fashion! It’s one of my fav things to photograph, so that’s why every shoot we do comes with Style Guidance and has that fashion flare to it because I’m obsessed with looking at magazine ads and just want to help my clients shine on that same level.
   Tiffany came with an Inspiration Board to show me when we discussed her Professional Branding Shoot. It was full of tropical plants and fun colors. Not gonna lie, I had a silent freak out. Where was I going to find a tropic oasis with snow on the ground!? And if shot indoors how many backdrops would I have to buy so it wasn’t horribly repetitive!?
   I always give myself some time to brainstorm alone before telling the client exactly what we are doing, and within a couple of weeks it hit me, I knew exactly where we would go!
   I ran my vision past Tiffany and told her if she was willing to go on a little trip I had the PERFECT location.
   The day of we made the 70 mile drive to the big City of Detroit to photograph HERE!
   8 kimonos, 3 natural beauties, and 1 hour later we walked away with fresh images straight out of a Spring Catalog.

Yas Queens, Yas, we did it.

natural photographer in detroit michigan.jpg
High fashion senior photoshoots detroit michigan.jpg
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Port Huron Spring Clothing Line.jpg
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Belle Isle Fashion Photo Shoot.jpg
Creative Photographer at Belle Isle Conservatory.jpg
Detroit Fashion Photographer.jpg
Etsy Shop Promotional Photoshoot.jpg
Duende Decor Fashion Photoshoot.jpg

To shop these stunning kimonos check out Duende Decor's Etsy Shop:
But be fast.... these are one of a kind, hand made pieces.

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