Another question I get asked A LOT is "What do I wear?"Well, what do you want to wear? What do you feel comfortable in? What is YOU!?That will give you a pretty good start. After that- here are some dos and don'ts to really make your portraits POP!1. Layer up! (my number one rule )

Photographs are not like every day life, there isn't any movement and the world as the viewer knows it is completely flat (the world of photography does indeed prove Magellan wrong) so it's up to you and your background to create that movement and depth. Layers, from a stylistic stand point, also make you look like you are a complete fashionista all the time (even if every other day you wear t-shirts.) It gives your outfit just a little added extra.

2. The days of matchy matchy are OVER, but that doesn't mean you still can't coordinate!

While matching is not a rule, it can add a nice cohesive feeling to the photograph. While all dressing in clean white or looking sophisticated in all black can still pass as ok in modern times, picking any other 1 solid color and plastering everybody in it is just too much! If everyone can't agree on one color to coordinate with, at least picking common color tones can still give you that same color cohesion you might be looking for.

3. Pick a pop of color

To add a little visual interest and excitement to your portraits try picking an extra fun color and throwing that into the mix! This is especially great to do with kids!

4. Accessorize

You can not believe how much an accessory can add to an everyday outfit. Maybe it's a headband, hat, showy necklace, scarf. Whatever it is, it adds some visual interest and goes with the layer rule- it makes you really look like you know what you are doing in the fashion world.

5. Add a little personality

There's nothing that I love more then when people let their true personality shine through! Don't be afraid to do something a little different and a little over the top! If you want a portrait like you see in the magazines and on the web, then you need to dress the part. Most of the time what people don't even realize is that half the reason why they love an image that they draw inspiration from is not just the lighting or the pose, but the outfits showcased. They can really set the tone and give the portrait true individuality. 

6. Don't forget the details

Details are what's going to separate you from the little guys. They are the things people often over look, and although they may be small, or go unnoticed in some shots, the 1 shot they DO show up in, you'll be so happy you took the time to remember! Things like shoes, painted nails, rings, belts...