To some of you those are pointless numbers.

To some, it's a full calendar year.

And to me, for the second time, it's a year long project to push, test, and challenge me.

For those of you who didn't follow me the first time I did this insane project- a 365 is a photographer's fun way of saying- I'm nuts!

A 365 is where I vow to take an image, 1 photo each day, non stop, no cheating, for 1 full year, for 365 days.

I did my first self portrait 365 back in 2010 with my DSLR. It helped me gain a TON of knowledge about portrait work and off camera flash.

I'm revisiting the 365 this year with.... it's true... my iphone.

WAIT! Before you judge me, hear me out!

What does an iphone offer that a DSLR doesn't!?

Ok, so quality is NOT on that list, nor is options- but that's the point for me!

I no longer can rely on crisp details to captivate my audience, I can't edit out mistakes, I can't enhance anything blah. All I can do is take a picture.

Wow. Talk about going back to the basics. My phone (3GS) doesn't even have a flash. All I have is a crappy camera, natural light, and my arm. No timer. No tripod. No tricks. Just me and the camera.

So why a phone and not a camera?

2 reasons. I needed to go back to the basics. I needed to push my creativity and realize what can be done when you don't over think things. Sometimes reverting back to where you started can help you grow and see things. Reason number 2- I am busy. Ridiculously busy. I knew if I had to set aside time each day to set up, pose, photograph, edit, post, I would fail, and.... I've been there, done that. I needed something quick and to the point.

I also wanted to prove- with the right light, the right creativity, you can accomplish great things, even with a phone. Is this a push for people to substitute professional portraits for iphone images? NEVER. I'll be the first to tell you I am SO over the 1 click retro edits that push people to think they are the next big artistic statement, but there's no denying- this is a digital age. People LOVE their camera phones. Why not embrace that. Why not have some fun!

So, here we go. 364 days left to go. Are you with me?

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