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A Theraputic and Self Empowerment Photoshoot


A Theraputic and Self Empowerment Photoshoot

This is more than Boudoir, this is Self Celebration

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   For years I’ve used Photography as a way to express myself. If you've been following me through the years you'll know I got my photography start with Self Portraits. It’s honestly taught me so much about myself, especially in hard times, or in situations where I knew something was bothering me, but I didn’t actually understand it until I got it out of me and viewed it through the lens.
   Photography has also helped me celebrate the best of times! On days where I just feel excited and have something to share, photography has allowed me to express myself in a simple, visual way that people can relate to. Yes, capturing moments, and trips, and holidays are great, but it’s the true Art or photography that I’m in love with.

No matter the reason the EXPERIENCE, the PROCESS of getting photographed often helped me MORE than the actual portrait itself, although, the final piece is that reminder I need to-

    1- never go back to that state of mind
   2- remember that moment, and revisit it more
   Along with
   3- remember it's ok to share your experiences with others, like you all
   4- I've created something that will outlive me.

   That’s honestly the experience that I seek to give people. And sure, not everyone is as vulnerable, open, or as emotional as I am. Hell, some days I feel like just the biggest hot mess, and I think it’s because I’m actually too in touch with my emotions. Guess that’s the artist in me. And I know some of you just want a really fun, beautiful, feel good shoot, and I can give that to you a million times over, but don’t be surprised if it ends up showing you something more. And for those of you who are hoping to express yourself through a shoot- you are what my dreams are made of, and I thank you for being brave.

   Jodi. I don’t care what you say- you are brave.

   Jodi is 50 and it goes without saying she is damn fabulous. I applaud her for wanting to take the time out to celebrate herself, and her life, and who she is at this moment! That is NOT something that should be overlooked and we should celebrate ourselves more often, because we’ve worked really hard to get to this exact point in our lives!
   Having Jodi in the studio was honestly a day that breathed life back into me as an artist. She was carefree, she was fun, she was bold, she was daring, she let go. Those are all the things that will make for a stunning experience. Those are the things I can’t MAKE you do, I can try, I try really, really hard, because it makes your portraits that much more unique, but I can never force you to fully LIVE during a shoot, and Jodi did just that for us.
   The main thing I’ve learned so far in 2018- letting go of perfection. At one point we were literally chasing Jodi through the woods, RUNNING in the snow, around trees to catch up with her. We were screaming, and laughing, and it was an experience shooting I’ll never forget. I had NO idea what I was getting, but I knew what I was getting wasn’t made up, it wasn’t posed, it wasn’t forced. It was true.    Jodi booked this shoot to celebrate herself, she used it as therapy, but what she doesn’t know is, it was extremely therapeutic for me too. I aspire to be that fun, that young, that edgy, that brave when I am 50. And I plan on chasing more brave women, any age, through the woods, again and again!
   Thank you for sharing your true self with us, Jodi.   

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Top Michigan Winter Photo Shoots


Top Michigan Winter Photo Shoots

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Port Huron Northern Downtown Senior Photoshoot


Port Huron Northern Downtown Senior Photoshoot

Senior Photoshoot shows off

strong yet feminine athletic side
along with sweet and fashionista side

at Port Huron Northern and downtown Port Huron.

   I like a girl who can pull off 4 different looks in the same day. It tells a lot about your personality and shows diversity.
   Allie started out preppy and cute with her polo and glasses, switched it up to gorgeous in a cream dress floating in the water, got a little sassy with her grungy downtown look, and then really rocked it for her sports look.
   I’m going to be honest- I love shooting portraits that feel model / fashion like. It’s a little moody, a little edgy, it’s fresh. I never find Sports photography fits into that… but I LOVED Allie’s sports look. This photoshoot totally changed my mind about that! She still looks feminine but in a very strong way. Her curls don’t get in the way of her boldness.
   Picture this. We were also working against an over crowded, badly lit gym. I’m talking 20 girls whipping volleyballs at our heads, no windows, ugly yellow lights. But we busted out some off camera flash and that just gives it this gritty, impactful, commercial look. She just rocked it.      
   Strong girls make me happy and when you can jump over hurdles as high as my chest and do a push up on 2 basketballs, well, that falls into the category of strong and bold with me.
  You go girl.
  So you guys need to scroll down and see all of what I’m talking about!


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Her body is NOT normal.


Her body is NOT normal.

A "Normal" Body

That's so weird. 

Have you ever really thought about what this word means? Normal.

I think when a lot of people think of the word normal, what definition they actually have attached to the word is the definition of the word true. 

The truth behind beauty.png

When we say things are normal like, “her body is normal” what the majority of people are thinking now, thanks to standards, media, and our obsession for perfection is…

"Her body is the reality of how we should all look. My body is not."

Beauty Realities Blog.png

In order for the woman on that magazine cover you see to encompass the reality of beauty you wish to withhold yourself to, that beauty can not be idealistic, going by the definition of reality.

So I ask you to ask yourself- are the beauty standards you hold yourself to normal? Are they true in the Universe? Are they reality?

Last definition, I promise.

unrealistic beauty standards.png

If you find yourself unrealistically aiming for perfection, get ready for your brain to hurt-

Full circle thought- All you want is to be normal, like her, but you're conforming to a standard of beauty that doesn't even exist in the realm of reality. It's idealistic. You're conforming to a "normal" that will never be. Which means, all along, YOU were already normal! YOUR body, not the one you see on the magazine cover that's fake, YOUR body was normal, and all this time you were too busy trying so god damn hard to make it normal, because that's what we all want, right?! to be "normal!?, that you became WEIRD!? Which probably scares the shit of out of you because the world tells you the last thing you want to be is weird! And now, that's exactly where you're at. 

Weird Beauty standards.png

It is at this moment when your brain has a melt down. WHAT is NORMAL!? 
Your idea of normal needs to be shifted. What you THINK is typical and usual probably isn't. So you're aiming for something that true women aren't, which is hard to live up to. 

I honestly HATE conforming. I HATE thinking I'm expected or typical. I honestly may even go as far to say that I hate being classified as normal. It's so boring. But that should make you think...

What have you been conforming to this whole time? And what type of "normal" does it make you in all reality? 

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