A "Normal" Body

That's so weird. 

Have you ever really thought about what this word means? Normal.

I think when a lot of people think of the word normal, what definition they actually have attached to the word is the definition of the word true. 

The truth behind beauty.png

When we say things are normal like, “her body is normal” what the majority of people are thinking now, thanks to standards, media, and our obsession for perfection is…

"Her body is the reality of how we should all look. My body is not."

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In order for the woman on that magazine cover you see to encompass the reality of beauty you wish to withhold yourself to, that beauty can not be idealistic, going by the definition of reality.

So I ask you to ask yourself- are the beauty standards you hold yourself to normal? Are they true in the Universe? Are they reality?

Last definition, I promise.

unrealistic beauty standards.png

If you find yourself unrealistically aiming for perfection, get ready for your brain to hurt-

Full circle thought- All you want is to be normal, like her, but you're conforming to a standard of beauty that doesn't even exist in the realm of reality. It's idealistic. You're conforming to a "normal" that will never be. Which means, all along, YOU were already normal! YOUR body, not the one you see on the magazine cover that's fake, YOUR body was normal, and all this time you were too busy trying so god damn hard to make it normal, because that's what we all want, right?! to be "normal!?, that you became WEIRD!? Which probably scares the shit of out of you because the world tells you the last thing you want to be is weird! And now, that's exactly where you're at. 

Weird Beauty standards.png

It is at this moment when your brain has a melt down. WHAT is NORMAL!? 
Your idea of normal needs to be shifted. What you THINK is typical and usual probably isn't. So you're aiming for something that true women aren't, which is hard to live up to. 

I honestly HATE conforming. I HATE thinking I'm expected or typical. I honestly may even go as far to say that I hate being classified as normal. It's so boring. But that should make you think...

What have you been conforming to this whole time? And what type of "normal" does it make you in all reality? 

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