"Submerge and Emerge"

submerge |səbˈmərj|
verb [ with obj. ] (usu. be submerged)
• [ no obj. ] descend below the surface

emerge |iˈmərj|
verb [ no obj. ]
move out of or away from something and come into view

I think you subconsciously do things, sometimes. While forming the idea for this shot in my head, I wasn't all that sure where it came from. But after hours of editing, things started to emerge.
This image says a lot of things to me, and may say a lot of different things to you. Or maybe it says nothing and it's just a nice picture. That's ok too. But to me I see getting lost, I see submersion in to a new world, and I see freedom. Freedom was the last thing I saw in this image but it stands to be the most potent to me now.
I love books. I love reading, I love learning, and I love the feeling of escaping in to a new world for a short amount of time. A good book should make you anxious for that next time when you can sit down with it.
Last weekend we watched The Hunger Games for the first time. We immediately watched the second movie, and then the next day we went and saw Mocking Jay in theaters.
Right after that we went and bought all the books.
I LOVED the concept of the movie. This "big brother" watching over you, "protecting" you, all the while controlling you. Rising up and fighting against that, and that hope they talk about, that's so powerful. I suppose I enjoy the feeling of maybe being a bit of that rebel they talk about, somewhere mentally deep inside me.
Back to this image though. I'm thankful we have the freedom to makes movies that speak to their audiences in a powerful way. I'm thankful for the freedom to be able to read whatever I want, even if it puts the craziest of ideas in my head. And I'm thankful to be able to create art, no matter what the underlying meaning. I'm free to Submerge and I'm still free even after things Emerge from that submersion. I urge you to use that freedom. Submerge yourself in to a new world (even if that's just in book form), come back, and allow things to emerge, see things in a new light.

Aside from all that deep stuff you might be wondering how we created this image and how I put it together. The images below are all in the 1 image above. I figured it took me about 20 different layers to create the final image, and about 3 hours of edit time.... for 1 image. And that's why I started this project, bc when would I have EVER made time to do that before for myself?