Fly Apart.
It's a phrase you'll find in the Thesaurus for Explode.
I find it much more elegant and appropriate. 
The whole point of this project for me, for us, for ajbc photography as a whole is to get outside the box, be different, yet still be beautiful. Tell a story, BE the art, make people think. I'm super happy this week because I feel like we unknowingly achieved ALL of that, even though our initial idea got thrown out the window.  


Below is actually where the whole idea started. With the driveway, some white sheets, black acrylic paint, and a butterfly. We grew from there. Although the final image I chose wasn't what we planned on, it's always interesting to see what stems from what. And sometimes, even if it's "wrong" that's the best part about it. 


I obviously have to give HUGE credit to Taylor for being SO willing to help me with ideas, go outside in the freezing cold, "strip" down, and cover her hands in harsh black paint, all for the sake of art, all for the sake of exploring, all for the sake of letting our creativity explode. 
Fly Apart. 

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