The mask. 
That mask that will ensure happiness for others and perfection on your part. That beautiful mask that makes everyone smile. That mask that keeps you safe. 

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That mask also keeps you barely breathing and clouds your vision.

"Pose with that mask, my little bunny. You wear it so well," they say. 

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Until one day you peal back the corner. You dare to breath easy. You see the ground you walk upon, for real, for the first time. And you can't stop. 

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You feel that cool air hit your face and you wonder.... 

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"What have I done?"
The light, it's bright. The noises, they are loud. 
And that feeling of safety is gone. 

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Time to turn back. Time to ensure no one will ever have to know you tried to go against them. Time to make them happy again. Them.... Happy.... 

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But. The colors. They are so bright. And you feel so alive. 
And them, and you, and them and you, and what about.... you? And your happiness? 
How could they keep you trapped like this? 
Ask them.
"How could you?"
And I ask you, to ask yourself, "How could you?"
You wore that mask like they asked you to. 
Shame on you. 

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I say drop it. 
I ask you to let it all go. 

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Breathe. Live. Look. Feel. 
And burn the mask. 

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You wear that face of yours so well. 

Want to be a part of the revolution? Good. Me too.